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Chicago Speeding Accident Attorney

Out the many factors that cause accidents, the factor that has the most impact is the driver’s behavior.  Speeding accidents are a frequent problem.  Everyone has seen that one car that seems to be racing an invisible opponent, speeding and weaving in and out of lanes.  Every year accidents caused by speeding kill thousands of people.  The faster the speed, the higher the risk to get into an accident because increased speeds reduce the driver’s control over the vehicle.  The Governors Highway Safety Association found that speeding extends the distance needed to stop and increases the distances the vehicle travels while the driver is reacting to a dangerous situation. 

Speeding is not just driving over the posted speed limit.  It is also considered speeding when one drives to fast for weather conditions.  Driving in these ways is considered aggressive and reckless driving.  The Illinois State Patrol found that about 32 percent of all fatal crashes are speed related crashes. Illinois has about 10 million vehicles registered, with a majority of those vehicles being located in the Chicago area.  It is vital for drivers to be careful when driving.  Traffic often increases the risk of speeding as many are trying to make it to work or school on time.  The amount of lives lost due to speeding is staggering (13,000 fatalities every year).  It is important to be aware of the rules of the road and contact an experienced attorney when those rules are broken causing serious injury or death.

At The Horwitz Law Group, we are experienced Chicago car accident lawyers who will take a case to trial before a judge and jury if that is the best way to obtain full financial compensation for our client. We are passionate about our work and, frankly, we are very good at it. We have achieved significant verdicts and settlements for clients injured by speeding drivers in a variety of circumstances. For example, we represent clients who were injured by drivers being pursued by the police during a high-speed chase.

If you were injured in an accident that involved speeding, you can depend on us to seek full compensation for damages. To arrange a free consultation about your case, please contact The Horwitz Law Group by e-mail or call 312-641-9200.

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Case Results


for a young lady who was run over by a private waste hauling company while crossing the street.


for a client injured in a 2005 Metra train derailment case.


for a client whose family was killed by a street sweeper that ran a red light.


for a premises liability accident resulting in below the knee amputation.


for a woman who was hit by a car while crossing the street.


for a client who was injured on the CTA red line train.


for a client who had lawyers at another law firm trying to settle the accident case for only $60,000.


for a client who was crushed between two cars nearly severing off her leg.


for a client whose son was accidentally run over by her husband as he backed out of their driveway.

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