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Chicago School Bus Accident Attorney

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Chicago School Bus Accident Attorney

school bus accident

Buses are used nationwide every day to take children to and from school. School buses are also used for other activities such as field trips or transportation to an away game for the school’s team sports.  Usually, buses are a safe method of transportation and is convenient for parents who have no other way to get their children to school. School bus companies and drivers are the parties responsible for ensuring the safety of the children that ride their buses.  Crashes may still occur due to other negligent drivers.  The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration found that an estimated 19,000 people were injured every year.  Every year approximately 23.5 million children are transported by about 450,000 buses and most of these buses are not equipped with seat belts.

There are many types of school bus accidents but the most reported types are child crossing accident, multi-vehicle accident and single vehicle accident.  Child crossing accidents are the most common and occurs when a driver fails to see a child when they are getting on or off the bus. Multi-vehicle accidents involve the bus and two or more other vehicles.  Finally, single vehicle accidents occur when the driver of the bus or another vehicle (or both) are behaving recklessly.  Injuries range from bruises and broken bones to paralysis, and even death.  It is important to contact an experienced attorney that will hold the correct party, or parties, responsible and be compensated for injuries and other damages.

School bus owners and operators must adhere to a higher standard of care than do drivers of private vehicles. If they fail to do so and someone is hurt because of their negligence, we will hold the liable parties financially responsible.

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