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Dominica J.


I’m so grateful to this firm especially Attorney Duggan and his assistant Ms. Sargent. I was injured in a car accident. They were very informative, they took the time to listen, respond to emails, explained things to me in detail and were readily available to answer any and all questions I may have had. One of the things I’m most appreciative of is how they kept me in the loop pertaining to my case!

Thank you both!!!!

Iris R.


The Horwitz Group has earned a 5 star review from me for being a firm par excellence.To be perfectly honest, I was a little hesitant to use them in the beginning, because of stereotypes that are often associated with personal injury lawyers. They are sometimes painted as being sharks. It is indeed a misnomer to ever see Mark and Jared viewed in this light! I love that they were Zealous, but not Vicious! The Horwitz Group brought their A-Game which resulted in a Big “W”…The Win! Would I recommend them to others? Yes, A Resounding Yes! They are great at what they do!!! After listening to the way they prepared my case, I was confident that Winning was my only option! My mother always said…if you want to win, surround yourself with WINNERS! So grateful to have been surrounded and seated at the winning table of The Horwitz Group!

Jasmine C.


Very helpful with my experience!! Everyone was friendly and very helpful definitely recommend this law firm!

Vee W.


They really did they best with my case seeing this is the first time having them and going through with this process. Thank you guys for all you’ve done.

Selma S.


Mark Horowitz is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. Our case lasted 5 years due to specific circumstances and throughout the entire time he remained efficient and consistent. Responded to all calls and text within minutes and really stayed on top of all things. That aside I find that he does have compassion and empathy towards our horrible situation, which you don’t get from a lot of lawyers. Overall great experience, highly recommend.

Becky K.


Mark is a fantastic attorney! Would highly recommend.

Emilia G.


The Horwitz Law Group did an amazing job. They not only took care of our case but they also made sure me and my family were doing well. For them, it’s not only a job. They put time and effort in to solve these cases as quick as possible. It was a long and stressful process but Mark and his team made sure we knew that the case wasn’t just sitting in a desk office, they kept us updated on everything. Thank you Horwitz Law Group!

Janusz G.


Mark and his team were working on our settlement case and they are awesome. Always kept us posted on what’s going on with the case. They got us $6,900.000.00 in the settlement. Thank you so much Mark Horwitz and your team.

Joseph B.


I love the Horwitz Law Group. One of the best law firms in Chicago. Got me the most for my settlement and worked with me every step of the way. Thank you so much.

Kelly S.


Great service and a great team, I’m really truly very very satisfied with the outcome of my case, I really appreciate all the work Mr. Duggan and his team have done on my case, I highly recommend him to anyone, great job.

Annisha W.


Jared was AMAZING! I highly recommend his service. He was fast to answer my questions and concerns. I appreciated the fact that he made me feel like I was a priority. He worked diligently to assist me and I am well pleased. Thank you, Jared D… You ROCK!!

Danny F.


He is absolutely the best lawyer ever !!! Works fast and is always ready

Darlene W.


I would like to thank The Horwitz Law Group. Thanks for everything they have done for me. It was a very long case. But they never gave up on me. Anyone that is in need of help, please contact them. Special thanks to Lulu and the best Jared Duggan ❤️. Thanks for everything.

Marie B

Type of Case: Mass Transit Accident (Metra)
Result: $2.1 million dollars

“I was in a Metra Train Accident in September 2005, and I hired Mark Horwitz as my lawyer. My experience with Mark has been wonderful. He’s very considerate. He’s caring. Every time he calls me, the first thing that he says is, how are you feeling and how is your family, and I really, really appreciate that. If I didn’t have Mark Horwitz as my lawyer, I think I’d be lost. I don’t think any other lawyer would give me the information that I needed to feel comfortable that the case is moving in the right direction.” – Marie B.

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin released an article detailing the $2.1 million settlement for Marie shortly after it was announced.

Charles B.

Former Chicago Police Officer
Type of Injury: Premises Liability Accident Resulting in Below the Knee Amputation
Result: $1,400,000.00

“After all my experiences with attorneys, Mark Horwitz was one of the finest attorneys I’ve ever met. He not only was my attorney, he was my friend. He extended himself far more beyond the attorney/client relationship. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. And I would definitely, without question, recommend him to anyone who needs a professional, qualified attorney because he’s the guy.” – Charles Brown

Johnnie W.

Type of Injury: Personal Injury
Initial Offer: $50,000.00
Jury Verdict:$1,197,000.00

Johnnie B. W. Jr. was a professional basketball player back in the 1970s. In 2002 while getting off a CTA red line train, the trainman closed the doors on Mr. Williams while he was exiting the train. At the time, Mr. Williams was wearing a backpack that became lodged in the doors. The train began to move and Mr. W. ran along the platform until the train’s speed prevented him from doing so. At that time, Mr. W. lost his footing and his long legs began striking the platform while he fought to free himself of the train’s doors and/or his backpack. In the process of doing so, Mr. W. fractured a bone in his wrist. Luckily he was able to free himself of the doors just before the car reached the end of the platform.

Mr. W. went to several law firms who refused to take his case holding that he was at fault for his own injuries. Mr. W. then came to see Mark J. Horwitz, of The Horwitz Law Group. Mr. Horwitz instantly filed suit against the CTA and began an investigation to obtain information regarding any witnesses that may have seen this accident. He found a witness who testified that Mr. W. was simply attempting to exit the train when the door shut on his backpack and began to move, just as Mr. W. had stated.

With the CTA having no way to fight the liability, they then retained an expert who testified that the injuries Mr. W. claimed were a result of the accident were preexisting injuries that were caused by his years of playing professional basketball. This doctor testified that to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, his knee injuries had nothing to do with the train accident and that his wrist injury was an aggravation of a preexisting condition.

On the eve of trial, the Chicago Transit Authority offered $50,000.00 to settle the case based upon $11,197.00 of medical bills. Mr. Horwitz along with his client, refused to take this offer and instead went to trial. After a four-day jury trial before Judge Jennifer Duncan-Brice, Mark Horwitz was awarded $1,197.000.00 for Mr. W.’s injuries. The CTA moved to have the verdict reduced which was denied by the trial judge. The CTA then filed an appeal which was later dismissed.

This verdict was close to, if not the highest award ever obtained by a Cook County jury based upon the amount of the medical bills.

Kimberly B.

Type of Injury: Personal Injury
Final Offer: $75,000.00
Final Judgment: $100,000.00

On October 7, 2007, Ms. Bogan was driving her automobile on Interstate 57 when she noticed a car stopped in one of the moving lanes. When she looked to see what was happening, she saw a man slumped over his steering wheel who was not moving. Being a good Samaritan, Ms. Bogan parked her vehicle in front of the disabled vehicle and got out to see if the driver of that car needed assistance. After determining that the man was not conscious, Ms. Bogan called the Illinois State Police. The police arrived and told Ms. Bogan to get back into her car. While going between the two cars, the man suddenly awoke, hit his gas and crushed Ms. Bogan between the vehicles. Ms. Bogan’s leg was nearly severed from her body.

It turned out that the man causing the accident had no auto insurance. Mr. Horwitz then had to file an uninsured motorist claim with Ms. Bogan’s own insurance company who initially found Ms. Bogan at fault for her own injuries. After fighting and threatening to file a vexatious delay and bad faith claim against Ms. Bogan’s own insurance company, the conceded and paid Ms. Bogan the full amount of her uninsured motorist coverage.

Tanya M.

Type of Injury: Personal Injury
Final Offer: $60,000.00
Final Settlement: $100,000.00

In the summer of 2008, the father of a minor child (whose name is withheld because he is 5 years old) backed over his son while leaving his home. The child had gone under the car to retrieve a Mr. Potato Head doll that had rolled under the car. The father, not knowing his son was under the car, started it and backed down the driveway. Hearing screams, he stopped his vehicle and drove forward. It was every parent’s worst nightmare. This person, believed he had killed his son. Luckily, his son survived but had both legs broken as well as damage to his skull.

“Mark J. Horwitz of The Horwitz Law Group took care of us as though we were family. He handled this very delicate situation with finesse and was able to obtain the maximum amount available for my son while reducing his fees.

I would recommend Mr. Horwitz and The Horwitz Law Group to anybody who ever needs a high-powered, kind, efficient lawyer.” -Tanya Mustafa

Rosetta G.

Type of Injury: Car Accident
Final Offer: $60,000.00
Final Judgment: $175,000.00

Rosetta Glover was a passenger in her husband’s car traveling on Martin Luther King Drive. A cab came around their car and made a sudden U turn in front of them causing the accident. Ms. Glover sustained an injury to her shoulder which required an immediate surgery. She hired another Chicago lawyer who obtained a settlement offer from the cab company for $60,000.00 and told Ms. Glover to accept it despite the fact her shoulder continued to give her problems.

Ms. Glover then contacted Mark J. Horwitz of The Horwitz Law Group.

Mr. Horwitz filed suit and litigated against the cab company for nearly three years. During that time, it was determined that Ms. Glover required an additional surgery on her shoulder. The case was set and ready to proceed to trial in October of 2008. Facing trial and a certain verdict, the cab company offered $175,000.00 on the day of trial and the case settled for $115,000.00 more than the original attorneys wanted Ms. Glover to settle her case for.

Lamiela P.

I wanted to thank for all the work you have done to help me with my situation. I really appreciate you not giving up despite my indecisive attitude in the beginning . I’m glad to have met you and that represented me. You changed my perspective on lawyers and I cannot repay you for the hard work you did in the past year. You made my situation easier and not only do I respect you as the hard working lawyer that you are but as a friend as well. I hope you have a great new year and thanks to you my 2013 started out great. I apologize for my attitude in the beginning but after meeting you I trusted you. You haven’t disappointed your client…keep up the great work! I’m glad and grateful that you have found me and helped me!

Steve S.

My daughter was severely injured in a car accident and I was nervous about finding a personal injury attorney, but from the start, I felt confident with my choice in the Horwitz Law Group. Mark was completely professional, trustworthy, communicative, honest and helpful. He kept my daughter focused throughout her entire recovery, both emotionally and medically. He was extremely attentive and responsive answering each and every question I had in a timely manner and explained everything in laymen terms – always keeping me informed of every step along the way. Mark was honest with us and didn’t make outlandish promises but most of all he wanted what was best for my daughter and not just a paycheck. He and his team were instrumental in saving us huge amounts in medical bills as well as garnering a settlement award that was very much welcomed. Not only did they resolve the case beyond our satisfaction, they also were very caring and supportive thru my daughter’s recovery. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney and I couldn’t recommend him more. It is my hope that I will never need legal representation again, but should I find that I do Mark J Horwitz will be my first call!
Awesome service and results! Thank You!