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Chicago Truck Accident Wrongful Death Attorney

The Chicago truck accident lawyers of The Horwitz Law Group in Chicago represent the family members of those who died in fatal truck accidents. If a member of your family was killed in an accident involving a large truck, it is important to discuss your case with a wrongful death attorney who understands what you are going through and knows how to help. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers are aggressive in defending our client’s best interests. We have the experience and knowledge it takes to make sure you are treated fairly in your case and are granted the compensation you deserve.

A Chicago truck accident wrongful death lawyer at The Horwitz Law Group will investigate all conditions to uncover the cause of your accident. Next, our experienced law team will build your defense around the facts of the case. Trucking accident deaths are caused by all sorts of errors, most of these errors are preventable. There are safety measures in place truck drivers are required to follow to prevent accidents. If the death of a loved one was caused by a truck driver’s negligent actions, you need to take action.

There are traffic laws in place to protect all drivers from the dangers of sharing our roadways with trucks. Truck drivers are required to follow routes and only drive on roadways that have been engineered to withstand the weight and size of their vehicles. Regardless of the Chicago road where your accident took place, all truck drivers and trucking companies are expected to follow these laws and regulations for the safety of those around them. If a loved one was killed due to the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company, hold them accountable for their actions. A Chicago truck accident lawyer will defend the memory of your loved one and get your family the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accident Statistics

One out of nine traffic fatalities in the U.S. in 2008 resulted from a collision with a large truck, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In Illinois, there were 136 fatal truck accidents during 2008. Some of these accidents may have involved more than one fatality.

What the numbers do not convey is the depth of grief and despair survivors feel when they learn that their family member died because of the negligence of another.

  • The truck driver may have made a careless error, like weaving in and out of traffic, or a bad decision, like drinking and driving or driving while dangerously fatigued.
  • The trucking company may have failed to comply with state and federal trucking regulations meant to protect the safety of the driver and others on the road.
  • The truck itself may have been inadequately maintained, overloaded or improperly loaded.

A lawsuit cannot bring back your loved one, but it can provide the financial compensation you need to move forward. It can also send a strong message to other drivers, trucking companies, and others who may be tempted to disregard the safety of others in the future. The action you take today can make Chicagoland roads safer in the future. Truck drivers need to be held accountable for their actions and stay alert when driving. Our Chicago truck accident wrongful death lawyers have secured millions of dollars in settlements for our clients who have suffered the death of a loved one in an auto accident. We are ready to fight for you.

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If your loved one was killed in a car accident involving a truck in Chicago it is imperative that you take action as soon as possible. Your time is limited when filing charges in Chicago auto accident deaths. Trucking companies are prepared to provide their drivers with a legal defense; you need to do the same for your family. Seek the guidance and aggressive defense of a truck accident death attorney in Chicago, IL. Our personal injury lawyers will stand by your family and hold the trucking companies responsible for the wrongful death of your loved one. You deserve compensation for expenses and pain caused by the negligent actions of a truck driver and the trucking company responsible for them.

Our lawyers are compassionate and understanding with clients who have suffered the tragic loss of a loved one. We are also aggressive in the pursuit of justice on our clients’ behalf. At The Horwitz Law Group, we will work tirelessly to see that you obtain full and fair compensation for your loss. Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation.


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