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Chicago Insurance Lawyers- Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Group, Inc. was founded in 1928 in Los Angeles, CA. Farmers began as a company that provided insurance to farmers and ranchers in Southern California at an affordable price. Currently, the company has grown to be the third-largest provider of auto and homeowners insurance in the United States. Farmers Insurance represents over 10 million households nationwide and has over 20 million individual polices in the U.S. The company is currently held by Swiss Investment Firm, Zurich Financial Services.

The Farmers Group operates in all 50 states under about 25 subsidiary branches including; 21st Century Insurance, Bristol West Insurance, Foremost Insurance and Farmers Life. Farmer’s current company slogan is “Farmers gets you back where you belong.” Farmers Insurance is very active in the Chicagoland area under both the Farmers Insurance and 21st Century Insurance Companies.

Bad Faith Practices of Farmers Insurance Group

Insurance companies have many claims to deal with from day to day. Due to handling a large number of claims, many settlements are not given the proper amount of attention necessary. Estimating vehicle repair costs after an accident is usually a simple process. However, when pain and suffering or personal injuries are involved, an accident claims adjustments can get increasingly complicated.

The Farmers Company has been known to engage in questionable activity regarding customer claims and payouts. You should not be expected to pay out of pocket costs for your accident if you are protected by a policy that you have been paying premiums into for years. After you’ve been in an accident your financial security and independence relies on you being compensated by your insurance company quickly and completely.

Your property, pain and suffering should all be properly compensated by your insurance company in the event of an accident. If you think that 21st Century or Farmers Insurance is delaying payment of your claim or under compensating you for your pain and suffering, it is your responsibility to speak up. With the help of a Chicago auto insurance attorney from The Horwitz Law Group, you have a greater chance of obtaining your full settlement and potentially even more.

Contact a Chicago Insurance Lawyer to Represent Your Case

You should not be expected to accept a settlement if you believe it is less than you deserve. If you believe you are being underpaid by your insurance provider, they should work with your to negotiate a fair settlement. If they refuse to negotiate, you have the ability to take legal action. The insurance litigation lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group in Chicago are experienced negotiators and have worked with just about every insurance company in the city. If you have had issues with a Farmers Insurance policy or claim, you are not alone. Many insured individuals believe they are at the mercy of insurance companies, and that is just not true. You have rights and should not let the insurance company take advantage of your situation.

If you have a dispute with Farmers Insurance that you would like settled quickly and professionally, call the Chicago Auto Insurance Lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group today for a free consultation.