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Mass Transit Accidents

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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit after a Chicago Train Accident

Every year, more than 2,500 train accidents are reported, according to the statistics of the Department of Transportation & the Federal Railroad Administration. The accidents have devastating consequences and in many cases, even lead to death. Trains are big machines with a large mass. Whether it is a commuter train, passenger or freight train, light or heavy rail or rapid transit systems, stopping a train at a moment’s notice is almost impossible. This leads to the inevitable situation that train collisions often lead to catastrophic results without injury and death. Train Accident Claims When dangerous cargo is spilled, train accidents can also harm...

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Mass Transit Accidents in Chicago

The country’s second largest public transit transportation system is operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).  There are 1,865 buses that make an estimated 19,000 trips a day.  The train operates over 224.1 miles and has 1,356 rail cars. On select routes, the major rail lines and some bus routes offer a Night Owl service during late and early morning hours. The most common accidents can be caused by sudden starts and stops, speeding, and operator intoxication. According to the Federal Transit Administration, there is an average of one bus accident a day in Chicago. Because it is a mass transit...

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CTA Train Crash results in 32 Injuries

Around 3am this morning, Monday March 24th, Chicago experienced an alarming reality check when a CTA Blue Line train derailed at the O’Hare International Airport. Instead of slowing down, the train continued past the bumping post, past the track, lastly crashing into an escalator. The photos of this horrific accident are truly chilling, and it’s been confirmed that thirty-two people, including the Train Operator, were injured from the accident. Fortunately it appears that all victims aren’t suffering from any life-threatening injuries. As stated above, CTA crashes can be jarring. As Chicagoians, we are used to relying on public transit. Of course...

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CTA Red Lite Violations have Spiked

Chicago's CTA drivers are racking up tickets from Red Light Cameras despite the  recent hire of over 400 new bus drivers to combat less than desirable driving conditions including weather, street construction, and bus over-crowding. Traffic accidents caused by buses can be as dangerous as a moving semi truck. At times carrying upwards of 40 people at a time bus driver's can easily be distracted from various things including passengers on the bus, stopped traffic in an intersection, pedestrians, bikers, as well as other vehicles on the road. Bus drivers have great responsibilities when transporting daily commuters and tourists around Chicago. Red light...

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Northside CTA Experiences Serious Delays and Derailment on Friday Night

On Friday, February 8th at around 5:00 PM, the Howard Red/Purple/Yellow line station experienced a power outage which caused Yellow line services to be suspended, while Red and Purple line services were delayed as backup generators were brought in. Around 6:00 PM, a purple line train became derailed near the Howard Station. Many passengers were escorted off the train and to the Howard stop, but many were also left stranded on the derailed train. A second train arrived after being called in for help, and the remaining passengers were then transferred on to the functioning train at approximately 7:30 PM. Many Metra...

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Five Injured in Two CTA Bus Accidents

Five people were injured in two separate CTA bus crashes that occurred early this morning. The first accident occurred shortly after midnight in the 1700 block of West Irving Park Road, when a car and a CTA bus were involved in a collision. One person was injured in the accident, but no further details were available. Around 5:10am Thursday morning a second CTA crash occurred near the 6400 block of South Kedzie Avenue on the city’s Southwest Side. Four people were injured when a van collided with a CTA bus, causing the bus driver to lose control and crash into a...

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Strong legal representation is your best defense in a railroad crossing accident case:

Every year, hundreds of railroad crossing accidents occur in the United States. These types of accidents often result in serious injury such as: traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, loss of limbs, and severe cuts and burns. Numerous causes of railroad crossing accidents exist. These often include dangerous design of an intersection, operation of a train by an intoxicated conductor, a lack of effective warning signs, and operating at excessive speeds. Our expert rail road crossing accident lawyers understand that these accidents typically occur due to negligence and inadequate railroad maintenance. If you or a loved one has been...

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If you have been injured in a Metra accident, call a skilled Chicago Mass Transit Accident Lawyer today!

Every day, Metra trains allow people in Chicago to travel at much farther distances than other modes of transportation, like CTA and bicycling. However, although the city and transportation companies strive to ensure the safety of all passengers and conductors, Metra train accidents still occur on a frequent basis. High speeds, derailments, defective trains, and negligent train operation are all common factors that pose significant danger for all Metra train riders. These mass transit accidents can lead to serious injury and in severe cases, wrongful death. In addition to their severity, Metra train accident cases can be extremely difficult to...

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Unfortunately, CTA accidents in Chicago are not uncommon

Many people in Chicago rely on CTA to get to work and home each day. It is estimated that buses and trains provide over 1.5 million rides on a weekday. Due to the large size of Chicago's CTA transit system, accidents involving drivers, conductors, and riders are very common. Unfortunately, CTA accident claims are some of the toughest to prove and defend. The CTA and its insurance company have lawyers who are trained to aggressively fight CTA accident disputes, especially those involving injury and wrongful death. Our mass transit accident lawyers have a high success rate in defending CTA accidents...

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