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What’s considered “pain and suffering” in a chicago personal injury case?

Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys > Attorney  > What’s considered “pain and suffering” in a chicago personal injury case?

What’s considered “pain and suffering” in a chicago personal injury case?

Pain & Suffering is everything that is non-economic in terms of one’s general damages. So one’s economic damages include medical bills, lost wages, mileage, and any other “out-of-pocket” expenses (like ice packs, etc).

Pain & Suffering includes every else; all of the aggravation suffered as result of the accident/injury.

Stress, anxiety, inability to do things (chores, recreation, etc), impact on relationships (parenting, intimacy, family, friends, etc), physical limitations or restrictions, worry about paying bills, keeping job, etc.

What’s included in a bodily injury claim settlement? A Phoenix Injury Lawyer will explain.

A value bodily injury settlement is based on a number of factors: Severity of the accident/collision, diagnosis & injuries sustained, length and type of treatment, medical prognosis upon release from care, out of pocket expenses (medical bills, lost wages, etc), and pain & suffering (all the aggravation caused by and suffered because of the accident and your injuries).

Typically the settlement will include:

  • The cost of your reasonable and accident related medical care
  • Probable future medical care
  • Documented lost wages (because your injuries prevented you from working or your medical appoints precluded you from working)
  • Documented Lost Earning Capacity (if applicable)
  • Mileage (to/from medical appointments
  • Any other accident related out of pocket expenses

From a settlement, one must pay medical bills/liens, attorney fees and costs. Personal injury law can be very complex. Make sure you have the right Chicago Law First Representing your case.  

Our Chicago accident lawyers explain complex issues in clear language so you will always understand what you are up against, what we are doing to help, and what steps we will follow to resolve your case.  Contact us today for your no cost case evaluation.  You may be entitled to a Settlement.

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