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What to Know About Social Media & Your Personal Injury Claim

When you are involved in an accident or incident leading to a personal injury, it is important to know how to conduct yourself during the claim process. There are many possible ways for you to unknowingly hurt the viability of your personal injury claim or unwittingly provide the opposition with information that they can use to undermine your claim. 

In the Chicago area, we at The Horwitz Law Group are dedicated personal injury attorneys who excel at handling the claims of injured individuals. In our years of practice, we have come across a number of situations in which social media activity and information can complicate the successful pursuit of a client’s personal injury claim. Thus, it is crucial to be aware of the potential mistakes to avoid making on social media during your claim and how your social media presence can influence the resolution of your personal injury claim.

Do’s & Don’ts on Social Media While Pursuing Your Personal Injury Claim

As a general rule, it is smart to stay away from posting on social media during your personal injury claim. Posting a seemingly innocuous photo or updating your activity can have unintended consequences. Such posts may be used by opposing counsel or insurance companies as evidence working against your claim in a number of ways. 

They can be shown to prove your injury is not as dramatic or serious as described as in your personal injury claim. Posts can also be shown to contradict statements made in your claim, such as that you can barely leave your home or enjoy your life. Any social media post could be misconstrued by those opposing your claim or the insurance companies settling your claim.

Examples of Social Media’s Potential Harm to Your Claim

For example, say your injury causes you pain and suffering daily. You posted a photo of you smiling at your child’s birthday party, and the insurance company challenges your pain and suffering claim. Even though you might have been pushing through for the sake of your child, or this was perhaps a rare “good” day, it can still hurt your claim. 

Even sharing the destinations you are visiting may impede the recovery your claim is worth, because it can undercut the degree to which your injury actually debilitates you and thus weaken your claim. Essentially, any social media activity can be used against you by the opposing parties and severely damage your ability to recover the full compensation you deserve.

Ultimately, it is best to avoid social media entirely during your personal injury claim. If you find this difficult, limit posts to simple things like your pets or congratulating others on achievements or life events they post on their social media accounts. Under no circumstance should you ever mention any information on social media that pertains to your pending personal injury claim. It is best to just avoid social media entirely during this process.

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We at The Horwitz Law Group understand the complexities and strategies of the opposing parties in a personal injury claim, and we offer this advice to all our Chicago-based clients whom we represent. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced and adept at making sure your claim receives the full compensation you deserve. For a consultation, go to our website and contact us today!



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