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What To Do If Injured in A Hit & Run Crash

You generally anticipate that if someone causes an accident, that person will heed the traditional obligations of taking responsibility and remaining at the scene. This isn’t always the case. Particularly in the Chicago area, we at The Horwitz Law Group are quite familiar with the prevalence of other drivers abandoning their legal obligations by choosing to flee the scene of the accident. 

A hit and run can be stressful for many reasons, especially if you suffered injuries. There are several steps you should take for your own benefit after a hit and run, including contacting a Chicago car accident lawyer for help. 

What To Do When the Other Driver Commits a Hit & Run and Flees the Scene?

When a driver decides to illegally engage in a hit and run, you must act quickly to best ensure the likelihood of successfully being able to later identify the perpetrator. As the driver flees the scene, never chase them, but observe as much as you can about their vehicle before it disappears from view. Look for the color, make, and model of the vehicle, along with where the vehicle might have suffered damage in the crash. 

Call the police and file an accident report about the crash. If the police are unable to track down the driver who caused the crash, all is not lost, as the traffic accident report will be useful to your insurance company when you file a claim for the accident. Talk to witnesses who stopped and are willing to speak about what they saw if they witnessed the crash or driver.

Get medical treatment immediately for your injuries, and then contact a Chicago car accident law firm for guidance on the best course of action. 

Uninsured Motorist Claims For Hit & Run Accidents

Illinois law mandates that drivers obtain uninsured motorist coverage with their car insurance policy. This insurance safeguards against uninsured drivers and also against hit and run damages. If the driver succeeds in fleeing the scene and evading responsibility and liability, you can seek compensation from your uninsured motorist policy. 

It is key you’ve followed the steps outlined above in order to have all the information necessary to establish that your injuries and vehicle damage did, in fact, occur due to a hit and run driver. This is key as insurance companies can be scrupulous in ensuring you are not simply claiming another car hit you to cover up a self-induced accident you’d be at fault for, in an attempt to avoid a hike in your insurance premiums. 

Speak with Our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers Right Away

In Chicago, The Horwitz Law Group has established a reputation for successfully helping victims of hit and run accidents pursue their uninsured motorist claims or hold liable the motorist that fled the accident scene. Our firm has a track record of ensuring insurance companies comply with their contractual duties and fully compensate our clients for the injuries and costs suffered from a hit and run accident. For a consultation to hear more about how we can assist you, contact us online today.



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