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Uninsured Drivers

Despite being required by law in most states, some drivers do not carry insurance on their vehicles. Uninsured motorists cause hardships for not only themselves but also for anyone involved in the accident with them. Contact The Horwitz Law Group for a free consultation.

Liability for the Driver

Each state has its own laws pertaining to uninsured drivers. Some states have now put a limit to damages that an uninsured driver can recover following a car accident, even when they are not at fault. They could be barred from making a claim for pain and suffering, and may also face increased potential liability in some no-fault states. This means in a no-fault state they may be responsible for all damages to another driver’s vehicle, while insured drivers have their liability capped at $500. In most states it is a criminal offense to drive without having your car properly insured.

Accidents caused by uninsured drivers cause undue hardships to all involved. The driver will not be able to call upon the auto insurance carrier to defend against any resulting lawsuits, or to pay any settlement resulting from litigation. They may have to pay any judgments resulting from an accident out of their personal assets. In some states the driver with an unsatisfied judgment will not be allowed to renew their driver’s license until the judgment is paid. Many uninsured drivers are forced into bankruptcy.

Often uninsured drivers have little to nothing in the way of personal assets, such is the reason for not carrying insurance. Because of this, it may be difficult to recover adequate compensation for those injuries. You need good legal representation to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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