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Truck Driver Fatigue & Auto Accidents

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Truck Driver Fatigue & Auto Accidents

truck driver fatigue accident chicago

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that more than 55,000 accidents as a result of fatigued drivers every year.  Surveys that were conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that about 60 percent of drivers admit to driving drowsy.  Truck drivers are particularly at risk due to long hours and few breaks.  Truck drivers are often on the road for more than eight hours which can double the risk of an accident.  Driver fatigue contributes to about 71,000 injuries and kills, on average, 1,550 people every year.  About 97 percent of the deaths were those of the non-truck automobile.  Fatigue can be caused by not sleeping, poor quality of sleep, working the night shift, and even eating a meal high in fat.  The result of being fatigued is delayed reactions and even poor judgment.

The biggest factors that contributed to unfamiliar roads, distracted driving, and pressure to meet the deadlines of the carrier.  It is important that drivers learn the signs of fatigue and ways to manage it in order to prevent accidents. The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is attempting to implement new regulations that are designed to improve safety.  Trucking companies are to adopt new hours for truck drivers to 70 hours a week in an effort to reduce driver fatigue.  Although these guidelines are in place many accidents still occur and it is important to contact an experienced attorney when injuries or death occur in order to hold the proper parties responsible.

Our law firm knows the trucking industry. We know how to investigate truck accidents and how to build a solid and persuasive case for our clients.

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