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To all you Motorcycle Riders.. Have you Ever come across Someone like this on the Road?

Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys > Car Accidents  > To all you Motorcycle Riders.. Have you Ever come across Someone like this on the Road?

To all you Motorcycle Riders.. Have you Ever come across Someone like this on the Road?


Here’s a Good Story for you:

For some reason, there are people on the road who hate bikers. I don’t know why, but they just seem bent on causing a motorcycle accident and inflict pain into a complete stranger’s life.
Take my buddy John for instance.
He was cruising along the road on his Harley, minding his own business. Wind blowing through his hair and a big ole’ smile on his face.
A truck had been behind him for a while, but he didn’t pay it any mind.
All of a sudden the guy creeps up right on his back tire, zips around him and then quickly forces John off the road into a ditch…at 60 miles an hour! As the guy watched John wreck he actually stuck his middle finger up at him?!?
Luckily for John, he had been riding bikes since he was 8 years old, and he knew how to dump it.
For the few seconds this was happening, John tossed the bike, curled up into a roll and luckily landed rolling into a pasture. He got up and checked for broken bones, blood, sore muscles. Nothing. Thank God.
He shook his head in amazement that he was going to walk away from this one. A lot of his buddies ended up in wheelchairs or dead from other drivers, like the guy who ran him off the road.
Then he saw his bike. Totaled and a mangled piece of metal. He was grateful to be alive, but that was his ride, his baby, his pride and joy.
First he got angry. Then he started laughing.
The person who just ran him off the road didn’t realize John was an off duty police officer. Since he was trained to pay attention, John quickly wrote down the license number of the truck. He glanced at it as the guy was riding his tail.
At the moment, he thought, “I am gonna send this guy a nasty note and a ticket if he doesn’t back off!”
Now he doesn’t have to. John called up his buddy at dispatch and gave the license of the truck, the location and what had happened.
In less than 20 minutes, the guy got pulled over, arrested for DUI and was going to be facing as many charges as John could come up with.
Is John’s story unique? No, not really.
The message of this story is simple. John didn’t take care of business alone. And neither should you.

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We want to work for you because we care about you and we want to help you recover from your devastating accident.
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