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The Car Accident Insurance Process

In a split second, your life as you knew it had been radically altered. Another driver made a mistake and crashed into your vehicle, which resulted in serious injuries. You have a feeling that the other driver’s insurance should cover your losses, but how do you make sure this happens? The insurance process can be complex and confusing, and this is the last thing you need while recovering from injuries. Seek help from a Chicago car accident lawyer right away. 

Filing Your Claim

In order to get compensation from an insurance company, you must file a claim for losses. These companies will not volunteer funds unless you properly request them. The initial claim will set the stage for the remainder of your case, so you want to ensure that you have the right attorney preparing your insurance claim. 

Your claim should include:

  • Your claim of liability of the policyholder
  • A demand letter for your damages
  • Documentation to support your losses and liability claims

Often, the insurance company will request additional information and documentation during the claim process. Your attorney should respond to these requests, so you do not have to worry about anything else on your plate.

After A Claim Is Submitted

The insurance company will typically assign a neutral, independent claims adjuster to review the circumstances of the accident. They will work to determine who was at fault for the damages and who precisely owes what in damages. However, they will also work to limit the company’s liability as much as possible. 

Insurance companies are businesses first, which means that they will often challenge valid claims. Insurance adjusters might:

  • Allege that you are partially at fault for the accident
  • Challenge the severity of your injuries or whether medical treatments were necessary
  • Make very low offers quickly, hoping that you will accept a low amount

Unrepresented claimants can often make mistakes that lead to insufficient settlements or even a denial of their valid claims. You want an attorney handling all communications with adjusters to ensure:

  • You do not accidentally say anything against your own interests
  • Adjusters cannot use recorded statements against your claim
  • Adjusters have all necessary documentation
  • You do not inadvertently accept a settlement that is far too low to cover your losses

Talk To a Chicago Car Accident Attorney About Your Next Steps

Adhering to the entire car accident insurance process is essential to get favorable results, but the process can be complicated and more than you need to deal with on top of your injuries. If your attorney still has serious disagreements or dissatisfaction over the results of an insurance claim, they may pursue further legal action. Our legal team will not hesitate to escalate car accident cases to court when the insurance process does not go as it should. 

Following a car crash and injuries, you want to show the insurance company that you mean business by hiring an experienced Chicago car accident attorney. Contact the Horwitz Law Group today.



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