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Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving


Texting and driving is illegal in 43 states (seriously only 43 states?) yet the number of accidents related to texting and driving has not declined.  Most people need more than just a law to keep them from texting and driving.

It is proven that any habit takes 21 days to break or start.  Smoking, dieting, exercising anything new takes 21 days to change and become routine.  This includes texting if you are one who is use to texting and driving.  If you can make it 21 days in a row, you’ve formed a new habit to better your life!  When it comes to the habit of texting and driving, you might be saving your life too!

Making it through those first 21 days isn’t always easy.  You’re driving along, your phone makes a noise and you are immediately drawn to the screen to see who needs you.  Text and phone calls let you know you’re need and important and most people can’t help but peek to see who messaged them. It’s human nature, it’s also the cause of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries every single year in the United States.  

Break the Habit

You need some new habits!  Get through the first 21 days anyway you need to, put the phone in the glove box, turn it off or whatever you need to do to STOP!  Even the act of putting a hair tie around your phone to remind you NOT to text and drive can help.  What ever you need to do to stop texting and driving, DO IT!  The reminder alone will decrease your urge to text and drive.

Designate a passenger in the car to text for you.  Get your kids involved and let them text for you.  It will keep them occupied and set a good example about the seriousness of texting and driving. The whole “do as I say and not as I do” attitude doesn’t work with kids and texting and driving. If they see you do it, you can be pretty sure they’re going to do it too!

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