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Teenage Distracted Driving

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Teenage Distracted Driving

Most car accidents involving teenage drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are linked to distracted driving today. It is the major cause of death among teen drivers according to new statistics. Most people are under the assumption that texting and driving is the leading cause of distracted driving, but new statistics have proven that it is really other teenagers in the car.


It is also proven that auto accidents caused by distracted driving increases when the passengers are loud and rowdy. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, having other teenage passengers poses the greatest safety risk for teen distracted driving. They report that teen drivers are six times more likely end up in a situation that may require an unexpected maneuver to avoid a crash when driving with loud and rowdy passengers.

Many states are requiring a Graduated Driver License Program that may require teens to progress through different stages of restrictions and requirements before they may drive with other teens in the car. The Probational Driver’s License usually lasts until they turn 18 years of age when they get a full Driver’s License. Teenage distracted driving is a serious issue and can easily happen to high school kids when least expected.

Remember, injuries and fatalities caused by distracted driving are caused by negligence and are 100% preventable. If your teen or loved one has been a victim injured involving a teenage distracted driver, the car accident lawyers of The Horwitz Law Group should be contacted right away.


Our personal injury lawyers will hold the responsible parties accountable for any injuries caused by the accident including all costs of past or future medical treatments, loss of earnings along with pain and suffering.

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