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Motorcycle Riders are at risk & may become a victim of someone else’s negligence

Here at the Horwitz Law Group, both Jared Duggan and Mark Horwitz are motorcycle riders themselves. They understand the mechanics of riding and understand that you have to share the road with vehicles that are much larger, heavier, and don't pay attention to motorcycle vehicles. Often times you are obeying the law, driving safely, within the speed limits and you are the victim of someone else's negligence. You need to make that known to all those around, especially the police. Put down that misconception that motorcycle drivers are the cause of many vehicle accidents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhOXzRMtoVU Contact a Chicago Motorcyle Accident Attorney Today! Whether...

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Injured in a Car Accident?

Car accidents happen at the most unexpected times and when they do, emotions are very high and injuries can be very severe. There are some important things that must be done at the scene of the accident or as soon as possible afterwards. If you haven’t ever been in an accident, print this up and keep it in your car. If you have just been in an accident, read this before you contact your Insurance Company. Do Not Leave the Scene of an Accident – Ever! Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense. You could be charged with hit-and-run. Be...

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Chicago Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers

Distracted driving is defined as doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving.  More than 1,000 people are injured in crashes that involve distracted drivers.  The main types of distraction are cognitive, manual, and visual.  A cognitive distraction is one that takes your mind off driving.  Manual distractions are ones where you take your hands off the wheel such as adjusting a radio, eating, and visual is when you take your eyes off the road. The most common types of distracted driving activities are using a cell phone or eating.  Using the navigation system in the vehicle can...

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Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Left Turns

 The majority of motorcycle accidents are the result of another driver making a left turn and not yielding at an intersection. Due to the small nature of motorcycles, the inability for drivers to see motorcycles is very likely. It is also common for driver’s to ignore motorcyclists while sharing the road.  There are many different reasons that left turn accidents occur.  The most common reasons occur when the driver making the left turn is waived though by another driver or they misjudge the motorcycle’s speed or distance.  Motorcycles can be difficult to spot and it can be exasperated by driver’s...

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Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorney

Everyday bicycle accidents due to the increasing population that ride bikes as a means of transportation as a way to avoid traffic and pollution. In fact, the number of people who ride their bike to work has increase more than 150 percent since 2000.  One third of biking accidents happen when a car collides with a bike.  Head injuries make up about 15 percent of injuries in accidents.  Although laws have been enacted and bike lanes are now in streets, drivers’ negligence and inattentiveness collisions still occur.  The a few of the most common collisions are when a driver turns...

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Chicago Construction Site Injury Attorney

In Illinois, construction sites are a common location of on the job injuries.  It is important to coordinate Illinois Workers’ Compensation in order to maximize recovery for the worker. Construction accidents can be caused by unsafe scaffolding and roof falls, to name a few. Tens of thousands of workers are injured each year and on average, 1000 die each year.  Most of the injuries involve the workers’ backs. There are many factors that can determine the outcome of a case. It is important to identify all responsible parties and the insurance coverage they have as well have a good understanding of...

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Chicago Trucking Accident Attorney

A commercial truck can weigh about 25 times as much as a typical car.  Due to this increase of weight, most accidents result in serious and even fatal injuries. Truck accidents are usually not the fault of the driver but the result of road hazards or the negligence of other drivers. If the truck is carrying hazardous or flammable materials, secondary injuries can occur.  The liability may not be limited to the truck driver.  In some cases, contractors, employers, and trucking companies may be required to compensate for injuries.  The manufacturer or shipper of any hazardous materials carried may also be...

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Mass Transit Accidents in Chicago

The country’s second largest public transit transportation system is operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).  There are 1,865 buses that make an estimated 19,000 trips a day.  The train operates over 224.1 miles and has 1,356 rail cars. On select routes, the major rail lines and some bus routes offer a Night Owl service during late and early morning hours. The most common accidents can be caused by sudden starts and stops, speeding, and operator intoxication. According to the Federal Transit Administration, there is an average of one bus accident a day in Chicago. Because it is a mass transit...

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How Can I prove that I was not at Fault In An Auto Accident Personal Injury Case?

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you might be required to prove you were not at fault in order to receive compensation for your injuries.  There are a few different scenarios where the other driver is automatically seen as "at fault" based upon the type of accident.  For Example, rear-end collisions and accidents involving a left turn are almost always a consideration. It is crucial that you call the police from the scene of the accident, and later obtain a copy of the official police report. You can also consult your state laws for supporting evidence of another driver’s negligence. Pay particular...

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