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Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney for your Case…

If you've been injured and someone else may be at fault, you shouldn't hesitate to talk with a personal injury lawyer. In fact, you should talk with several personal injury lawyers. You'll get several opinions about your case, as well as a feel for the lawyer you'll be comfortable with. And the best part may be it costs nothing to look. Here are some tips to go by as you interview, select and work with a personal injury lawyer. What about Money? You can afford the luxury of interviewing several personal injury lawyers. You'll not be charged a fee for the consultations....

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Keep All Medical Records When Involved In An Accident

Have you been in an accident or injured by medical malpractice? If so, you will need to file a legal claim after the fact. In order to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident or malpractice-- and not a previous medical condition – you will need medical records stating your injuries. In order to file a personal injury lawsuit, your medical records will be key to proving you even have a case. If the third party can dispute your injuries, your case will be lost before it ever gets started. The medical records may even have to be used...

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What You Need to Know About Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been seriously hurt, you will need an experienced injury lawyer to hammer out a reasonable settlement, or even file a suit for you. But where do you find a lawyer you can rely on? Just How much will it cost? What questions do you ask to be sure you get the best lawyer for your type of case. Obviously, an excellent personal injury lawyer brings a lot to the table: understanding of legal procedure, support staff to process paperwork, bargaining expertise, and much more. However they will also take a substantial quantity of any compensation awarded in your case....

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An auto accident can sometimes be caused simply by hazardous roadways..

Often times, automobile accidents are not the fault of the drivers or their vehicles, but are the fault of the roadway itself. It will take a seasoned Chi town Motorvehicle accident lawyer who understands the best way to look into any sort of accident claim & they evaluate if a hazardous street or road problem triggered or contributed to a car accident that brought on a serious injury or even death. Dangerous Highway Winter Driving Conditions The Personal injury attorneys of your The Horwitz Law Group have effectively represented customers associated with all kinds of car crashes. We by no means automatically...

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Injured while Driving a Truck?

The massive, obtrusive character of any truck as well as the high speeds in which they travel frequently leads to serious dangers for other people while traveling.  Even at low speeds, sufferers of tractor-trailer crash accidents and truck wrecks can suffer really serious, even fatal injuries when linked to a trucking accident.  The Horwitz Law Group, our Chicago truck accident lawyers, offer aggressive, personalized service to make sure that our clients recover the compensation they deserve after any sort of accident. Why Do Trucking Accidents Occur? Truck accidents can occur for a variety of reasons - or no particular reason whatsoever. When...

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Automotive Airbag Injuries

The airbag is passive restraint created to protect drivers and passengers during a collision.  Airbags has saved many lives since its invention but there have been some who have been injured or killed as a result of them.  Let’s take a moment to understand how the airbag works. The vehicle is equipped with airbags with a control unit that consists of a computer and sensors which help determine if the threshold has been met to deploy the airbag.  These sensors can measure the change in the vehicle’s velocity, the pressure encountered by body panels, the speed of the wheels, and...

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Truck Driver Fatigue & Auto Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that more than 55,000 accidents as a result of fatigued drivers every year.  Surveys that were conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that about 60 percent of drivers admit to driving drowsy.  Truck drivers are particularly at risk due to long hours and few breaks.  Truck drivers are often on the road for more than eight hours which can double the risk of an accident.  Driver fatigue contributes to about 71,000 injuries and kills, on average, 1,550 people every year.  About 97 percent of the deaths were those of the non-truck automobile. ...

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Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Left Turns

 The majority of motorcycle accidents are the result of another driver making a left turn and not yielding at an intersection. Due to the small nature of motorcycles, the inability for drivers to see motorcycles is very likely. It is also common for driver’s to ignore motorcyclists while sharing the road.  There are many different reasons that left turn accidents occur.  The most common reasons occur when the driver making the left turn is waived though by another driver or they misjudge the motorcycle’s speed or distance.  Motorcycles can be difficult to spot and it can be exasperated by driver’s...

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Hit and Run Accident Attorneys – The Horwitz Law Group

As a major city, Chicago has many sidewalks and walking paths that allows for many to walk on regular basis. When drivers fail to pay attention, collisions may occur. Roughly 4 people die every day because of a hit and run accident. There are specific procedures that must be followed depending on the type of accident that occurred such as causing damaging only property or injuring or killing another person. The law requires the drivers involved in an accident stop in order to exchange contact information. There are many reasons drivers leave the scene after an accident. It could be the...

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Hazardous Road Conditions and Auto Accidents

Auto accidents occur every day for many reasons. Many accidents in Chicago are the result of hazardous roadways, especially during the harsh winter months.  Hazardous roadways cause about 20 percent of all auto accidents. Hazardous roadways can be caused by many factors.  For example, there could be design defects such as inadequate guardrails or lighting.  It can also be a result of traffic signals that are not in plain view, potholes, and road construction.  Bad weather can pose a safety risk as well, making already poorly designed roads more dangerous because the surface may be slick.  America has over 100 million...

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