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Steps to Take After a Dog Attack

Dog attacks can happen when you least expect them, and their impacts can leave long-lasting scars. Knowing what to do after a dog attack is critical to securing the compensation that you need. Act confidently according to these steps, recommended by the personal injury lawyers of The Horwitz Law Group. If you’d like to discuss the specifics of the situation you’re in, call our firm for a consultation. 

What to Do After a Dog Attack

If you were attacked or bitten by a dog, follow these steps: 

  • Get to a Safe Location. Your safety is the ultimate priority. Before doing anything else, get away from the dog and to a safe location. Don’t rely on the owner of the dog for safety because they have already failed to keep their animal under control. 
  • Receive Medical Care. Seek medical help as soon as possible. Dog bites often need stitches, and your doctor might prescribe antibiotics or a rabies shot to prevent further complications. 
  • Contact Authorities. Depending on how aggressive and dangerous the dog is to others, you may need to contact an animal control officer to contain the dog if the owner is not found. In Chicago, you will need to report the dog attack to an animal control board within 24 hours of the incident. 
  • Take Pictures. Pictures can serve as evidence to support your claim. For example, you can demonstrate that you did not trespass on the property or that the dog was not restrained with a leash during the incident. 
  • Identify Eyewitnesses. If there were eyewitnesses to the attack, collect their contact information—including the dog owner’s. Eyewitnesses can help provide an outside perspective of what happened. The owner’s identity is required so our attorneys can hold them liable for your injuries.  

Seeking Legal Help After a Dog Bite

After your injuries have been tended to and you are back at home, you should plan on contacting an attorney to hold the dog’s owner accountable. In Illinois, the majority of dog bite victims can seek full compensation from the owner. Other states have a “one-bite” dog rule that reduces owners’ liability. The “one-bite” rule is founded on the idea that if the dog hasn’t bitten anyone before, the owner doesn’t have a reason to believe the animal would have harmed anyone. 

Since the rules can be complicated, talk to a knowledgeable attorney to learn how you can file a claim. We can help you build up your case so you can pursue your entitled compensation. An attorney can also help you determine how much in damages you may be able to obtain depending on factors unique to your case. A consultation can help you prepare for the legal battle ahead. 

Talk to Our Dog Bite Attorneys

Knowing what to do after a dog attack is important to your future. The Horwitz Law Group guides dog bite victims through the legal process as they seek compensation for their injuries. Contact our lawyers if you’re ready to discuss your case with an attorney. 



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