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Steps To Take After A Bicycle Accident

Living in a fast-paced city as Chicago, bicycle accidents are all too common. It seems that every other day there is yet another article that reads: “Bicyclist horribly injured/killed in fatal bicycle nightmare.” Bicyclists can take all the precautions necessary to avoid such circumstances by wearing the proper safety gear, but unfortunately, even the best protection cannot guarantee injury avoidance. Preparation post-injury is just as important and is often overlooked. So you’ve been in an accident, now what?

3 Important Steps to take after a bicycle accident

1) Notify the Authorities

While this step seems obvious, it’s surprising how many bicyclists don’t inform the authorities. Maybe it’s the shock of the impact, or maybe it’s because it was “just a light tap,” but this step, though arguably the easiest, is often overlooked. Things can swiftly change after a couple of days, or even hours after the accident. A “light tap,” can become something much more troublesome, and informing the authorities as soon as possible warrants you a substantial report, that will benefit you in the long run.

2) Become an expert on your accident

Once you have time to collect your thoughts regarding the accident, it’s time to jot down as much information you can about it. What happened moments before the crash? Were you properly following bike laws? Where were you hit? While it’s normal for the memory to be muddled, knowing your accident can assist immensely in proceedings to come. Having the right lawyer working with you is a plus, but no one knows the accident better than you.

3) Reach out to an Attorney

You have taken all the needed steps on your own, protecting yourself as much as possible. You’ve mapped out the accident, and have a clear grasp on what actually happened. Now it’s time to involve a personal injury lawyer. Having someone who’s versed in the legal system on your side, no matter how minor the incident seems, can be enormously empowering. As much as you are an expert on the happenings of your accident, an attorney will be an expert on your legal options.

Accidents happen quickly. There is little time to react, even if you’ve been a member of the bike-lane for years. After the adrenaline fades and you are back at home, the experience has merely just begun. The accident may continue to replay in your mind, and perhaps you begin to realize that legal action is inevitable. Just like the helmet, you use to protect your cranium, protecting yourself in law is just as crucial. Safety is serious, and protecting yourself through law is no exception.

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