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Spinal Injuries as a result of automobile accidents

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Spinal Injuries as a result of automobile accidents


The back is a complex structure of muscles, nerves, bones, and tissue.  Back injuries are among the most common injuries resulting from automobile accidents and can have long term and severe consequences in day to day life.  One common injury is a herniated or slipped disk.  Discs protect the vertebrae from coming together and provide flexibility.  The impact caused from automobile accidents can cause these discs to break which decreases its ability to cushion the spine.  A misplaced disc can also put pressure on nerves which can lead to numbness and pain.

The spinal cord links the brain and the rest of the body and is the body’s way of communicating.  When the spinal cord is injured, it affects the brains ability to communicate which can lead to paralysis.  When the injury occurs higher on the spine, more of the body is affected which can result in quadriplegia.  If the injury is lower on the spine, the legs are usually affected resulting in paraplegia.  Both kinds of paralysis are devastating and life altering.  It results in many medical bills as well as causing the victim to readjust their lifestyle.

Another common injury is a compression fracture.  These are tiny cracks in the bones that lead to the spine collapsing. Compression fractures are more common in older adults so the symptoms of pain as the natural process of aging and often goes undiagnosed.  It is important to seek medical attention after an automobile accident in order to determine the full extent of your injuries and receive compensation for those injuries.

We have experience handling both straightforward and complex automobile accident cases on behalf of our clients. Our car accident lawyers are experienced not only in the courtroom but around the negotiating table as well. We have conducted numerous trials and settlements in our long history and our automobile accidents injury lawyers have recovered large sums of money to compensate our clients for the injuries they have sustained.

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