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The Hazards of Using Space Heaters and How to Avoid Them

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The Hazards of Using Space Heaters and How to Avoid Them

Space HeaterAs it starts to warm up many people start using space heaters instead of turning on the heat to save energy. It is well known that space heaters are responsible for many of the home fires that happen every year across the country causing injuries to adults and children. With that said, please use some of these vital safety tips to make certain that a space heater does not cause a fire that results in damage or injury in your home.

Be Sure to Have Fire Extinguishers Available at All Times

Always have a fire extinguisher ready and available in each room to improve the safety of everyone in your home. Keep one in the closet of each room and check it to be sure it is working often especially when using space heaters.

Be Sure to Provide Adequate Space While Heaters Are In Use

It is important is to provide space heaters with enough space at all times. For example, a space heater should be kept at least 3 feet away from any items that can easily catch fire and burn. Be sure to keep home furnishings such as rugs, drapes, furniture and even clothing or pillows burn easily. In short, providing space heaters with adequate space so that they do not cause a potential fire is well worth the effort.

Children and Serious Burns Caused by Space Heaters

Always ensure that children and pets stay clear of a space heater when it is operating to ensure the highest level of safety.  Children like to climb and have climbed on top of space heaters to reach something; knocking it over without understanding it will catch on fire and burning themselves.  Also, children just learning to walk have received serious burns by falling onto a space heater. Parents need to take precautions and be proactive when it comes to space heaters and their children’s safety.

Never Leave A Space Heater Unattended

Finally, never leave a space heater on when you leave the home or unattended while you are not in the room. Be sure turn off space heaters prior to leaving home in the morning or any other time of the day can reduce the likelihood of a home fire. Space heaters are great for bathrooms and warmth in many areas of your home.  However, they can also cause substantial damage, injury and even loss of life.

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