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Signs of a Concussion After a Car Accident

Car accidents are dangerous, and the impact of even a relatively minor car accident can leave you seriously injured. One factor that complicates the matter further is that some injuries, such as concussions, can initially be asymptomatic, which can translate to victims failing to receive the medical attention they need until the condition has worsened and become more difficult to effectively treat. If another driver’s negligence leaves you with a concussion – or any other kind of serious injury – don’t delay consulting with an experienced Illinois car accident lawyer


A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), which is a type of injury that is generally caused by either a blow to the head or by the violent shaking of the head, and concussions are very common in car accidents. In fact, many victims of concussions don’t recognize that they even experienced a bump to the head or that their heads were shaken in the course of the accident. 

Concussions are serious injuries (made all the more so by the fact that they can be difficult to identify), and they are also unpredictable. Most victims of concussions do not pass out, but this does not mean the effects are not serious – and sometimes long-lasting. 

What to Look For

There are several symptoms that are commonly associated with concussions that you should pay attention to if you or someone love experiences them following a car accident: 

  • Dizziness – If you have the general feeling like the world is spinning, including symptoms like dizziness, sensitivity to light, and/or nausea and vomiting, it can be a sign of a concussion. 
  • Ringing Sound – Another telltale sign of a concussion is an unexplained ringing sound in your ears.  
  • Headaches – You took a bump, blow, or shake to the head, and it stands to reason that your head might hurt. In fact, headaches are a common symptom of concussions. 
  • Confusion – The stress and adrenaline surges that go along with car accidents can mask physical pain and be disorienting, but if you are confused about things that you should know, such as the date, your phone number, or any other information that generally requires no thought, it’s likely caused by a concussion.  
  • Sleep Disturbances – Any newly acquired sleep disturbances can be indicative of a concussion. 
  • Inability to Concentrate – If you find that your ability to concentrate normally is affected, it might mean a concussion. 
  • Irritability – Mood changes (especially increased irritability, aggression, agitation, or even depression) can signal a concussion. 

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