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Seat Belt Injuries as a result of auto accidents

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Seat Belt Injuries as a result of auto accidents


Seat belts are designed to protect the driver and other passengers in accidents and statistically they do just that.  In some occasions, however, seat belts can cause injury.  The injuries suffered are generally minor but some serious injuries may occur in collisions due to seat belts.  A seat belt is meant to restrain a driver or passenger when a vehicle comes to a sudden stop.  The likelihood of injury depends on the severity of the accident, a seat belt malfunction, manufacturer defect, or wearing the seat belt improperly.  Chest and abdominal abrasions can occur where the seat belt comes in contact with the passenger.  The lap belt can be responsible for spinal injuries and internal injuries to the stomach.  The shoulder restraints are usually responsible for injuries to the neck, shoulder, and chest (sternum).  Symptoms of a sternal fracture include tenderness and pain around the chest area.  Some other injuries that may be injuries that may be caused or exacerbated by seat belts are fractures, dislocations, or intestinal injuries.

The National Highway and Safety Administration provides guidelines to prevent seat belt related injuries.  Some of the guidelines are as follows: 1) placing the shoulder belt away from your neck and across the middle of your chest, 2) pacing the lap belt across your hips and below the stomach, 3) never putting the shoulder strap behind your back, and 4) making sure the seat belt is not too tight or too loose.   The seat belt may not perform as expected due to a flaw or mistake such as defective latches or a defective tension detector.  

It is important to contact an experienced attorney who can help determine if a defect was a factor in you accident and hold the right people responsible.

The injury attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group have obtained millions of dollars in financial compensation for clients who were seriously injured in auto accidents. Our goal is to help injured people obtain just compensation for the full extent of their damages. To arrange a free initial consultation, please contact our Chicago auto accident lawyers.

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