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Office Injuries

Office Injury Attorney

Office injuries occur often. They could result from many things including repetitive tasks, occasional lifting, poor air quality and more. If you are injured at your job, you may be entitled to benefits, including workers’ compensation. Work related injuries are often found to be the fault of your employer. However, office injuries are often covered even if it was partially or wholly your fault. Remember that if your employer does not have workers comp, you make still be able to receive benefits. The Illinois office injury attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group can help you to get the compensation that you deserve.

Injuries can result from many office activities including:

  • Keyboarding Injuries: One of the most common office-place injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is caused from repetitive wrist motions, like those used in keyboarding.
  • Equipment Accidents: Serious workplace injuries can occur from almost anything: a falling cubical wall, unsteady shelves, a closing door. Even if your employer tells you that your injury is your own fault and cannot be cover, talk to an office injury lawyer to understand your rights.
  • Travel Accidents: Your job may require you to travel from one place to another. If you are involved in an on-the-job car accident, or any accident out in the field, you will be covered. With the help of an office injury lawyer and workers’ compensation, you can get compensation to help you through your difficulties.

If you are an office professional, you most likely have workers’ comp benefits when you are injured on the job. Even if you do not, you could still be entitled to benefits. Our experienced office injury lawyers can help.

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