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When a Family Member is Injured

Chicago Family Protection From Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers

Where to Turn When a Family Member Is Injured

The Chicago uninsured motorist accident attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group can help you obtain financial compensation in many instances when it appears that no insurance coverage is available. Consider these examples:

  • Your daughter is injured by a hit-and-run driver while biking to school.
  • Your wife is injured in an accident while riding as a passenger in a friend’s car. Neither her friend nor the other driver is insured.
  • You are hit by an uninsured driver as you walk across the street.

Protect Your Family From Uninsured, Underinsured Drivers

In all of these cases, the uninsured/underinsured motorist provisions of your own auto insurance policy would provide coverage for damages to you or your family members. UM/UIM coverage extends to spouses and blood relations who reside at your address at the time of the accident.

Far too many auto insurance policyholders fail to realize the extent of coverage available through their uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. The consequences for this lack of information can be dramatic. Policyholders can go into debt, ruin their credit ratings, lose their homes to foreclosure, or be forced into bankruptcy — all needlessly.

Please do not assume that you have no coverage for damages after an auto accident. Your policy may provide coverage:

  • Even if you weren’t driving
  • Even if your car wasn’t involved in the accident
  • Even if the injured person was a biker or pedestrian

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It doesn’t cost a dime to find out what options are available to you. Don’t put your family member’s well-being and your financial future at risk. Let us advise you. There is no risk, no cost and no obligation to learn if we can help. To arrange a free consultation about your case, please contact The Horwitz Law Group by e-mail or call 312-641-9200.