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Trucking Regulations

Chicago Federal Trucking Regulations Violation Attorneys

How FMCSA Truck Regulations Can Affect Your Case

The Chicago truck accident attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group in Chicago know that truck accidents must be handled differently from typical car accident claims in order to obtain full compensation for the injured.

The trucking industry is heavily regulated. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates everything from how long a driver can remain behind the wheel to what safety markings a truck must display. The state of Illinois adds its own rules and requirements to the FMCSA regulations.

When a truck driver or trucking company fails to comply with all state and federal regulations, and someone is harmed because of this negligence, the driver or company can be held liable for damages in a truck accident injury claim.

Punitive Damages in Truck Accident Claims

In some cases, we will pursue punitive damages against a driver or trucking company who failed to comply with trucking regulations. Punitive damages are those meant to punish the defendant and to serve as a warning to others. Punitive damages are awarded in addition to compensatory damages — those meant to compensate the injured person for losses.

Unless your lawyer thoroughly understands state and federal trucking regulations and how they can be used in truck accident litigation, he or she could be leaving money on the table.

To learn more about how we can assist you in a truck accident claim, please contact our federal trucking regulations lawyers by e-mail or call 312-641-9200. The initial consultation is free of charge. You will pay no legal fees unless we obtain financial compensation in your truck accident claim.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations for Trucks, Trucking Companies and Drivers: