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Truck Underride Collisions

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Chicago Truck Underride Collision Lawyers

Underride collisions are one of the most dangerous types of truck accidents. They typically result in extremely serious injuries and fatalities to the occupants of passenger vehicles. The Chicago truck underride collision attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group represent clients in truck accident litigation involving underride crashes.

What Is an Underride Collision?

An underride collision occurs when a vehicle fully or partially passes underneath a large truck or the trailer portion of a tractor-trailer. An underride collision can crush or sheer the roof off the vehicle, killing the occupants.

There are two types of underride collisions: side underride collisions and rear underride collisions. Both types of accidents happen more frequently at night. One of the most common scenarios occurs when a truck pulls across a lane of traffic. If it is not properly marked or lit, the truck can appear invisible to the drivers of oncoming vehicles. By the time they see that a semi trailer is blocking the road, it can be too late.

A truck owner can take steps to prevent either side or rear underride accidents.

Was Proper Preventive Action Taken?

Underride prevention devices can be attached to the truck to block vehicles from passing beneath the truck or trailer. Newer truck models are equipped with underride prevention devices, but thousands of older trucks travel daily without this protection.

Adequate lights and conspicuity markings are important in preventing underride accidents, particularly those that occur at night. If the lights are dirty or the reflective markings are missing, other drivers will not see the side of a truck turning in front of them until it is too late.

Contact an Illinois Truck Underride Collision Attorney

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers know the state and federal requirements for underride devices and conspicuity markings. We are experienced in working with accident reconstructionists and other experts to determine whether the negligence caused or contributed to the accident.

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