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Truck Defect & Equipment Failure

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Chicago Truck Defect Accident Attorneys

The Chicago truck defect accident lawyers of The Horwitz Law Group represent clients who were injured in truck accidents caused by truck defects and equipment failure.

Trucking is a business. As in any business, one of the ways to maximize profits is to keep the costs low. Sadly, trucking companies often sacrifice safety when they cut costs.

Cutting Costs Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Truck owners often try to save money by failing to replace tires and brakes at the recommended intervals. This kind of shortsightedness clearly puts others at risk. Truck drivers can lose control when a tire blows out. Worn tires do not have the same ability to grip the road and maneuver in emergency situations. Worn brakes mean longer stopping distances or the inability to stop at all. Both of these conditions can directly cause or contribute to accidents.

Failure to perform other simple maintenance tasks, from replacing burned out light bulbs to replenishing steering fluid, can lead to accidents. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers will work with truck maintenance and accident reconstruction experts to investigate and identify examples of improper maintenance. We may take legal action to hold the truck owner and the shop that performed the maintenance responsible.

Illinois Truck Defect Lawyers

If an accident was caused by a defective truck or truck component, we may seek compensation from the manufacturer of the defective vehicle or vehicle part, as well as from anyone else who participated in the design, manufacture, distribution or sale of the defective product. In these cases, we can seek financial damages for truck drivers and others who were injured due to the product defect.

Defective product cases are complex, hard-fought and challenging. The liable parties are not only concerned about your case. They know if one injured person wins compensation, others may soon follow. The insurance companies will use every tactic they have to minimize or avoid paying fair compensation. It is extremely important that your lawyers be up to the task. The attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group have the experience, resources and skill required for success.

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