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Dangerous Roadways & Truck Accidents

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Chicago Dangerous Highway Truck Accident Attorneys

Sometimes truck accidents are caused by the road itself. The Chicago dangerous highway truck accident lawyers of The Horwitz Law Group know how to analyze a truck accident case and pursue legal action against the appropriate defendant.

Truck accident cases involving dangerous roadways must be pursued promptly. Because the responsible party may be a government entity, the injured parties may have as few as 90 days to give notice of their intentions to file a claim.

Dangerous or defective road conditions can include:

  • Design defects: Was the curve designed too sharply? Did inadequate drainage cause pooling of water or flooding of the roadway? Were the bridge’s gusset plates adequate to support the load?
  • Construction defects: Were the specified materials used and installed correctly? Did mistakes in construction processes lead to roadway dangers?
  • Lack of or inadequate roadway hardware: Guardrails, traffic barriers, crash cushions, bridge railings, and sign and light pole supports must all be designed and installed with safety in mind.
  • Inadequate lighting, directional markers and signs and traffic signals:We analyze all the elements that may have contributed to the accident. A sign warning of sharp curves ahead may have prevented a truck accident that injured other drivers. We will investigate to determine whether these traffic control elements were in place, working and visible to drivers at the time of the accident.
  • Failure to manage traffic through road construction sites: Without proper signs, pavement markings and barriers, a construction zone can invite accidents.

All of the above roadway defects affect passenger vehicles as well as large trucks. Because of their large size, long stopping distances, tremendous momentum and potential for destruction, trucks are particularly vulnerable to dangerous conditions on roads and highways.

To prevail in a dangerous roadway claim involving a large commercial truck, your Chicago truck accident attorney must be:

  • Skilled at pursuing cases against government entities, which are handled differently from other personal injury claims
  • Experienced in locating and working with the appropriate experts in road design and construction as well as accident reconstruction
  • Knowledgeable about state and federal regulation of the trucking and road design and construction industries and about the tactics insurance companies use to defend these cases

The attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group are all of the above. To arrange a free initial consultation about your case, please contact the Illinois highway truck accident lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group by e-mail or call 312-641-9200.