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Negligent Security

Chicago Negligent Security Attorney

Negligent security stems out of premises liability law. It is the responsibility of a landowner or business to keep its premises secure and safe for its customers and/or tenants. In many cases, when crime occurs on a business’ property, business proprietors are not liable for it. However, if there has been a history of crime on the property or if it is a type of business that is particularly susceptible to criminal activity, the proprietor has an obligation to provide reasonable security measure to prevent future crimes.

  • A bar or nightclub has a responsibility to provide security to prevent fights and violence.
  • A landlord has a duty to have adequate security, such as safe windows and locks, to be sure that its tenants are not at risk of robbery, rape, or murder.
  • A business must secure its premises to prevent any foreseeable vehement attack against its clients

Negligent security cases fall under the same underlying law as premises liability cases. They require of the premise holder to have a duty to prevent the foreseeable. The coverage of that duty will depend on the nature of the property, the conceivable criminal activity on or around the property, and the affiliation of the parties.

If you believe that you or a loved one has a potential negligent security case, get in touch with an experienced negligent security attorney. The attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group have handled hundreds of premise liability cases, including negligent security cases. It is important to have a strong negligent security lawyer to prove your case, and you can find one at The Horwitz Law Group.

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