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Electrical Defect Accidents

Chicago Electrical Defect Accidents Attorney

Electrical injuries and electrocution from electrical products are unfortunately not uncommon. Sometimes these electrical accidents source from a faulty or defected product. These defects come in many different forms, including premise and product defaults. These forms include:

  • Grounding issues. Electricity either tries to seek ground or it returns to its source. Grounding allows the electricity from a defective product to run from the product to the ground rather than the body to protect against electric shock. If a product is improperly grounded, it can lead to electrical accidents.
  • Electrical products that are used around water. Water and electricity obviously do not mix. Some products are designed to be used with water, such as a pool vacuums and power washers. When the product isn’t properly designed to minimize the risk of electrocution, electrical accidents occur.
  • Faulty wiring. If a building has faulty wiring, it can lead to electrical accidents, including electrical injury, fires, and electrocution.
  • Circuitry defects. If there is a problem with a circuit, it often leads to electrocution and electrical injuries.
  • Insulation defects. If the electrical product is not properly insulated, the exterior parts of the product could become electrically charged, causing electrical injuries.

Electrical injury does not lead to death very often. Instead, the electrical current goes through the body and causes the burning and swelling of organs, excruciating muscle contractions, and external and internal burns.

If you have experienced an electrical injury or if your loved one has died from electrocution from a faulty product or premise, you may be entitled to compensation. Seek out an experienced Chicago electrical defect accidents attorney, like the ones at The Horwitz Law Group. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys are skilled in electrical defect accidents and can help you to get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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