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Defective Security System

Chicago Defective Security System Attorney

Putting your life, possessions, and business into someone else’s hands is a serious commitment. You want to make sure that these things are in a secure place. This is why you may be paying your landlord for a security system, or you may have a contract with a company specializing in security to service and monitor an alarm system in your store. You are paying for security with the expectation that reasonable measures have been taken to protect you, your possessions, and your business against any foreseeable crime.

It is the responsibility of the security company or the landlord to make sure that the security system you are paying for is working. They should be regularly servicing and monitoring it, ensuring that the alarm works and that it is powered on. When the security system is defective, it is expected of the landlord or security company to replace it immediately.

If you have had a break-in, it could be the result of a defective security system. If your premise is protected by a security system, an alarm should go off. If it does not, the security system is defective and the landlord or security company should be held responsible.

If your landlord or security company has been negligent with your security system and it has resulted in a burglary, you need a defective security system lawyer. A premises liability lawyer from The Horwitz Law Group can get you compensation for the property you lost and the difficulty you are suffering through because of it.

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