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Foster Care Child Misplacement

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Foster Care Child Misplacement

For many foster children living at home is no longer a possibility. A child may be placed in foster care because their home is no longer safe. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, an estimated 408,425 children were placed in foster care in 2010. However, the sad reality is that for many children a foster parent’s home is a far more dangerous, perilous place. The number of foster care child misplacement cases continues to grow each year.

Reasons for Placing a Child in Foster Care

Children may be placed in foster care for numerous reasons. A vast majority of foster children are placed in foster homes because they have been subject to physical abuse. Other reasons why a child may be placed in foster care are:

• Parents or guardians are no longer able to provide proper care
• Foster child has been victim of sexual abuse
Neglect – disregard for emotional needs, clean environment or need for food)
• The parent(s) of a child are facing incarceration
• Death of parents – blood relatives or family members unable to care for the child)
• Abandonment – the child was left with a babysitter and parents never returned
Voluntary placement – a child’s parent may be ill or the child suffers from extreme behavioral problems

Foster Care Child Misplacement

For foster children, being placed in a foster home means a second chance at a family.
Foster care placement is meant to be a temporary living arrangement. If no immediate family is able to care for a child, a foster care facility will then seek adoption for the child. Under law, a foster family or foster parent interested in adopting must undergo a thorough investigation to ensure that the new home is suitable and that the parents are capable of meeting the child’s needs. However, despite criminal background checks, medical examinations and home visitations, hundreds of foster children across the nation are placed in the care of dangerous foster parents.

Foster children who have been victims of wrongful adoption often suffer tremendous hardship and sadly, become victims of abuse once more. Due to overcrowding in foster care homes and a lack of available foster care parents and families, many of these children are forced to endure psychological, physical and emotional abuse caused by a foster parent or family member. Tragically, for many foster children, help comes too late. Daily news reports show children being killed, abused, and raped by foster parents and families.

Legal Representation for Misplaced Foster Care Children

The Foster Care Child Misplacement Lawyers of The Horwitz Law Group firmly believes in defending the rights of abused children. Our law firm will strive to fight for the justice of foster children who have suffered rape, abuse, and neglect. Children are incapable of filing a lawsuit on their own behalf. Therefore, they need the help of an adult. If you know a child who has been victim of abuse, call the experienced Foster Care Child Misplacement lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group (312) 641-9200.