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Progressive Insurance

Chicago Auto Insurance Lawyers- Progressive Insurance

The Progressive Corporation or Progressive Casualty Insurance Company was founded in 1937 in Mayfield Village, Ohio where it is still headquartered today. Progressive is mainly an auto insurance company that operates three segments: commercial auto, personal lines, and other insurance. They focus heavily on auto insurance, along with motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, boat insurance and commercial auto insurance. Progressive has positioned themselves as a company that offers affordable products to cost-conscious consumers.

Progressive insurance is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States with more than 10 million policies. Their policies are typically sold online or by phone, or through more than 30,000 independent insurance agents throughout the United States.

Claims Difficulty with Progressive Insurance Company

Progressive is currently a publically traded company in the New York Stock Exchange. Being a publically traded company, Progressive may have other priorities on their minds in regards to stockholders interests and stock price. Because of their concern with turning a profit at the end of the year, Progressive may do everything possible to pay you less than what you deserve, or possibly not at all when addressing your claim. As a publically traded company they are committed to increasing the Company’s financial value to please investors, this is their number one priority.

Progressive uses aggressive marketing techniques to sell their services. Advertising the large amount of discounts they offer and how much a customer can save when compared to the rates of other companies. They also offer alternative service than typical insurance companies in an effort to save customers money on policies. However a cheaper policy does not always offer the amount of coverage that a driver might need. By making policies as cheap as possible, this often means that you are only purchasing minimum coverage required in the state of Illinois. This could mean you pay more when filing a claim or getting in an accident.

How a Chicago Auto Insurance Attorney Can Help

Progressive bases its company values around being “Fast. Fair. Better” and they should be expected to treat all customers in this manner. An insurance company’s main goal should be to address the concerns of their customers in their greatest time of need. Our insurance litigation lawyers in Chicago IL can help you settle your claims disputes with Progressive Insurance. We have secured millions of dollars in claims settlements for our clients, most settling outside of court.  Our years of experience negotiating with all major insurance companies in Illinois have provided us with the confidence to know that our Chicago auto insurance attorneys are ready to take on any insurance case in Illinois.

To settle your case with Progressive Insurance quickly and fairly, call our insurance litigation lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group today: (312) 641-9200.