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Nationwide Insurance

Chicago Auto Insurance Lawyers – Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, with headquarters in Columbus OH, is one of the largest insurance and financial companies in the United States. Nationwide was founded in 1926 as a small mutual auto insurance company. Currently the company is approaching nearly 90 year in business and they hold more than $135 billion in assets. Nationwide offers vehicle, property and life insurance along with banking and loan services for their customers.

Is you Nationwide Claim being handled Fairly?

Filing a claim with any insurance company is a stressful process. When dealing with auto insurance claims you were either the victim of an accident or at fault for causing damage in an accident, neither are very desirable situations. Regardless of who is at fault, you have the basic expectation that the insurance company will be fair, honest and respectable when managing your claim. Most drivers are inexperienced with the workings of auto insurance companies; you trust that the Nationwide Insurance agent you are dealing with is working in your best interest. However, when it comes down to it the ball is in his court. They are experts on insurance claims and may use this knowledge to their own benefit instead of your own.

If you suspect this is the case, don’t second guess yourself. Seek the advice of a Chicago auto insurance lawyer at The Horwitz Law Group who will be looking out for your best interest. We will evaluate your claim with Nationwide Insurance and check their work. We know insurance law and want to use our knowledge and experience to help you.

Settle a Disputed Claim with the Help of a Chicago Auto Insurance Lawyer

Insurance companies receive thousands of claims a day. Still, this does not make it acceptable for them to delay your claim. Sometimes even just the threat of legal action backed up by a reputable law firm will be enough to increase your settlement. Our insurance attorneys in Chicago IL are ready to stand up for the rights of drivers involved in auto accidents dealing with Nationwide Insurance. After paying premiums into insurance policies for years, you deserve the best treatment.

We treat each case with individual attention. After evaluating the value of your claim we will discuss how it should be handled and answer all of your questions in detail.  Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with insurance companies of all sizes in Illinois, including Nationwide.

Call today and as to speak with one of the Chicago auto insurance litigation attorney at The Horwitz Law Group, (312) 641-9200.