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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Chicago Insurance Litigation Lawyer- Liberty Mutual Insurance

The Liberty Mutual Group is a global insurer founded in 1912 in Boston, Massachusetts. Liberty Mutual is the third largest property and casualty insurer in the United States and fifth largest insurance company over all in the nation. Liberty Mutual is among the companies ranking on the Fortune 500 list. They currently have over 45,000 employees in over 900 locations worldwide in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Liberty Mutual offers insurance programs for both individuals and businesses. Personal insurance includes auto, home, life and personal liability insurance policies. For businesses they offer commercial property, workers compensation, as well as specialty risk insurance.

Liberty Mutual Group in Claims Delays in Chicago

In Chicago, Liberty Mutual Insurance offers services through independent agents and local offices. It is the responsibility of every insurance company to act in the best interests of their policy holders. Insured individuals place a large amount of trust and expect them to act with their best intentions in mind. However when an insurance company acts in a manner that the court deems as “bad faith” the plaintiff then has the opportunity to be awarded punitive damages for the way they were treated. These damages are expected to cover attorney’s fees or other costs and are specifically awarded to punish the defendant for their negligent actions.

Liberty Mutual Group is made up of regional and national companies. They claim that by working through independent agents located throughout the nation they are able to offer competitive rates and more personalized services. However, working through many small companies can create confusion and take more time to process claims. The Chicago auto insurance attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group are experienced in dealing with all independent insurance agents along with major insurance companies as a whole.

Work with a Chicago Insurance Litigation Lawyer for Fast Results

If you feel that the Liberty Mutual Group or one of its independent agents is treating you in a poor manner, contact one of our Chicago insurance litigation lawyers. Even just a letter written by one of our insurance lawyers in Chicago IL may be enough to convince an agent that you are serious about taking action.

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