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Allstate Insurance

Chicago Auto Insurance Lawyers- Allstate Insurance

The Allstate Company, based in Northfield Township in Illinois, is the second-largest personal lines insurer in the nation just behind State Farm. Allstate is the nation’s largest publicly held insurer, representing nearly 16 million households. They receive nearly six million claims a year in auto, property, life insurance and personal injury cases, collecting nearly $15 billion in payments in a year. However, a large company does not always mean better security for you and your family.

Allstate Insurance Company Criticism

The Allstate Insurance Company has been ranked among the nation’s worst insurers by some organizations due to their claims handling for both policy holders and injured third parties.  Allstate has also been largely criticized for their use of a computer system named “Colossus”, (read more here), to determine payouts to those who file claims with them. Colossus is used in the insurance industry to determine amounts granted in personal injury claims. Placing all of their trust in this computer program to use a formula to determine how much your case is worth. While, Colossus takes into account many factors to calculate the value of your case, a computer cannot replace the human understanding of pain and suffering. The cost of medical bills and lost work time are important to take into account when calculating your settlement; but your pain and suffering can be the most difficult and most important to you personally.

Get the Settlement you Deserve

For cases dealing with Allstate insurance products, including: auto, home, life or retirement insurance policies, the Insurance attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group are ready to fight for you. We have secured for our clients millions of dollars against many Illinois insurance companies, one of which is Allstate.  Our Chicago Insurance Lawyers have the expertise necessary to get you the maximum settlement from Allstate Insurance whether you have a uninsured, underinsured, or third party claim.  Our Chicago auto insurance lawyers will work hard to resolve your case as quickly as possible.  If Allstate Insurance is not providing you with the financial support necessary in your time of need, call The Horwitz Law Group and discuss your case with one of our Chicago insurance attorneys today. We know that each case is unique and give all of our cases the full attention and support of our team. Our personal injury attorneys can get you and your family the money you deserve.

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