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Defective Product

Chicago Defective Product Lawyer

It is a known fact that companies profit from the fast manufacturing of products. The quicker a product is out on the market, the sooner the company can put money in their pockets. Many times the speed at which these products are made, results in poor design, usability, and most importantly, safety oversight. As a result, these defective products can often cause harm, injury and irreparable damage to a consumer. Not all defective products share the same risk. A faulty remote control or small kitchen appliance although undoubtedly an inconvenience, does not pose the same risk or damage as a medical product, such as a wheelchair or prescription.

Despite numerous mandatory testings and elaborate planning involved in the manufacturing of products, thousands of defective products are produced each year. The cost of the defective products ends up being a lofty price to pay when these result in injury and loss.

Tragically, defective products do not always end up in money gone to waste, many times a defective product can be a direct cause of severe injury and even death.

Defective Products Can Cause Injury and Death

Defective motor vehicles
Car defects can include anything from faulty tires and seat belts to malfunctioning air bags. Defective motor vehicles pose serious life-threatening risks.

Baby Product Defects
When you bring a newborn home, you want to provide your infant with a safe haven and ensure that your baby is protected. However, many times baby products, such as cribs, strollers and toys often lack appropriate warning labels and safety precautions.

Defective Supplements and Medicine Products
Hundreds of defective medicine products are often launched into the consumer market without sufficient research of supporting safety evidence. A defective medication or supplement may be lethal.

Types of Product Defects

Design Defects
A product design defect is inherent. These often occur long before the product has been created or manufactured. Defective products lacking a strong and functional design can pose significant threat. The product itself may serve its intentional function or purpose, but the design of the product could render the use of the product hazardous. Products that are negligently designed, such as machinery and tools are a great threat.

Defects in Manufacturing
Manufacturing defects in a product refer to the errors made while the product is under construction. Defects in manufacturing are unplanned and happen to a segment or specific part of a product, as opposed to the entire piece of merchandise as in a product design defect.

Product Defect Lawyers
Defective Product Lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group have represented thousands of cases of defective products. Attorneys know that claimants of defective product cases can often explain that the manufacturer could have produced a superior design and prioritized the safety of the consumer by following safety regulations and standards. Distributors and manufacturers are liable for faulty products and goods with both design and manufacturing defects. If a product is responsible for causing you injury, you may be entitled to damage rewards according to laws of product liability. Call an experienced defective product lawyer at 312-641-9200 or visit The Horwitz Law Group at https://chicago-personal-injury-lawyers.us/.