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Assisted Living Abuse

Chicago Assisted Living Abuse Lawyer

Placing the care of an aging loved one in the hands of another is a difficult choice to make. However, it is often in the best interests of the elderly to be under the close care of nurses and other qualified individuals when they are sick or need frequent care. Many families will choose to move elderly loved ones to assisted living facilities as they begin to lose the ability to do things for themselves.

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities are for more independent seniors, compared to nursing home with round the clock medical treatment and constant supervision. Assisted living provides more privacy for seniors in a home-like environment. These facilities allow residents the option to live in apartment style housing while still assisting them with basic tasks they may have difficulty doing on their own. Assisted living facilities often provide basic necessities such as meals, laundry and housekeeping. However, additional care and medical attention can usually be given on a case by case basis. Just because less medical attention is given at assisted living facilities when compared to nursing homes, this does not mean that the seniors in these facilities can be neglected. These residents still require a great amount of attention and should be looked after by competent care takers.

Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect

Assisted living facilities are expensive for families and a high level of care is expected. When the necessary amount of care is not received loved ones are put in danger. If you believe a loved one has been abused by assisted living personal or is simply being ignored by those who are responsible for providing care, you need to take action.

It may be difficult to know if assisted living facility abuse is occurring. You may visit your loved one at the facility occasionally, but you cannot always be there. Assisted living facility staff will take advantage of the fact that family members may be oblivious to what is going on when they are not around. Some signs of abuse to be aware of include:

  • Depression, withdrawal or agitation
  • Bruises, scrapes, untreated wounds
  • Broken bones from falls
  • Dirty clothing, poor hygiene
  • Weight loss
  • Complaints about staff or other residents

A Chicago Assisted Living Abuse Lawyer Can Represent You

Assisted living abuse may take the form of physical, mental, verbal or even sexual harm. If you suspect an assisted living home is not providing your loved one with the highest level of care, know that you have rights. A Chicago assisted living abuse lawyer from The Horwitz Law group is ready to represent your case and hold the assisted living facility accountable for their actions.

Cases of assisted living neglect are all too common, listen to your loved ones. If they are complaining of poor care or appear physically harmed; take action immediately. Assisted living neglect is a sad reality and happens all too frequently. Don’t compromise the care and dignity of your loved ones; make sure they are being cared for properly and by qualified professionals. Our assisted living injury attorneys in Chicago, IL know how to handle these sorts of cases and will get your family the settlement they deserve. Call today to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group, 312-641-9200.