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The Driver Did Not See You

Chicago Accidents Caused By Car Not Seeing Motorcycle

In the vast majority of motorcycle accident cases, you can almost predict the negligent driver’s excuse: “I never saw the motorcycle coming.” It’s easy to understand. The driver of a car has been trained to look for other cars, not motorcycles. This is especially true in states like Illinois where motorcycles are not on the road all year long.

Unfortunately, not seeing a motorcycle does not relieve the driver of the responsibility to handle his or her vehicle in a manner that ensures the safety of everyone else on the road. Motorcycles have all of the same rights as cars do, and they should be treated with the same respect.

Our attorneys have represented countless injury victims in Chicago accidents caused by “car not seeing motorcycle.” You can count on us to do everything in our power to see that the negligent drivers are held accountable for the harm they cause. Contact our office today to discuss your motorcycle accident injuries with a reliable Chicago motorcycle accident attorney.

The attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group have helped people throughout the Chicago area to recover just compensation for the injuries suffered at the hands of negligent drivers who fail to see and yield the right of way to motorcycle riders. We understand the additional risk of injury that motorcycle riders are exposed to on the road, and we work to ensure that any settlement offer considers all of your current and future needs.

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