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Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

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Chicago Left Turn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Making a left turn can sometimes be a treacherous undertaking on busy Chicago area streets. When drivers misjudge the distance and speed of an oncoming vehicle, it can lead to a serious T-bone accident. When one of the vehicles is a motorcycle, however, the potential for severe injury goes up dramatically.

Left turn accidents involving motorcycles tend to be much more prevalent because, when drivers make left turns, they look for full-sized vehicles in oncoming traffic. When they don’t see any, they assume it is safe to turn. In many cases, though, there is a motorcycle that the driver did not see. When the driver makes the turn, he or she drives right into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

Whether you were making a left turn and you were hit by an oncoming vehicle or a vehicle made a left turn out in front of you, you should discuss your injuries with one of our experienced Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys. Contact our office today for a free case evaluation.

At The Horwitz Law Group, our Chicago left turn motorcycle accident attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of motorcycle accident claims. We work diligently to see that negligent drivers are held accountable when their actions result in the serious injury of our clients. We seek fair compensation for your injuries, and we won’t recommend a settlement unless we believe it is in your best interests to do so.

We are experienced trial lawyers. While we always try to negotiate a fair settlement, our opponents know that we are fully prepared to take your case to court in order to protect your interests. We have a solid track record of success at trial, and our courtroom reputation often puts us in a stronger position to negotiate a settlement for our clients.

To discuss your motorcycle accident injuries with a lawyer and set up a free initial consultation, please contact The Horwitz Law Group. You can reach us via e-mail or call us at 312-641-9200.