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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Chicago Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Each Chicago fatal motorcycle accident attorney of the Horwitz Law Group represents the survivors of those who died in fatal motorcycle accidents. We seek financial compensation for our clients by filing wrongful death claims against those responsible for causing the fatal accident. Whether your family member was driving or riding as a passenger on the bike, we can help.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in fatalities than typical car accidents because of the lack of protection they offer. If an accident occurs, there are no air bags or other safety devices that can help soften the blow.

Motorcyclists don’t get second chances. That is why other drivers must use extreme caution when driving near a motorcycle. Unfortunately, other drivers often use less, not more, care in these circumstances. They change lanes without checking their rearview mirrors, hitting bikers or edging them off the road. At intersections, they pull out in front of oncoming cyclists, who frequently have no time stop.

Contact a Chicago Fatal Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers will review the police report and may retain an accident reconstructionist to determine the cause of the accident and the liable party or parties. Then we will seek full compensation for our clients in a motorcycle wrongful death claim. If the opposition is unwilling to negotiate an acceptable settlement, you can rely on us to take your case to trial.

It is especially important to select an experienced trial lawyer for a wrongful death claim involving a motorcyclist. Juries often have deeply held prejudices against motorcyclists. They assume that the biker was drinking or speeding when, in most cases, it was the other driver who was at fault. Our founder, Mark J. Horwitz, is an experienced courtroom litigator. He will address these concerns in a straightforward, persuasive and compelling manner.

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