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CTA Accident Lawyer

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) makes Chicago work. Its buses and trains provide approximately 1.7 million rides on an average weekday. Accidents happen in any transit system. Because of the size of CTA’s operation, accidents involving employees and riders of its buses and trains are not uncommon.

When accidents happen on the CTA system, each CTA accident attorney of The Horwitz Law Group knows how to help. We will investigate the accident, identify all sources of compensation and pursue a full and fair settlement to your injury or wrongful death claim. If the settlement offer is not adequate, we will take the case to court. We are experienced Chicago mass transit accident lawyers with a record of success inside and outside of the courtroom.

Our law firm won a case involving a client trapped in the doors of a Chicago Transit Authority train and dragged down a platform. The CTA offered our client $50,000 to settle the case based upon the $11,970 worth of medical bills. Attorney Mark Horwitz and his client refused to accept this settlement offer and instead went to trial, obtaining a verdict of $1,197,000, thus making Mr. Horwitz a member of the “Million Dollar Verdict Club.”

Dealing with accident claims is part of doing business at the CTA. The CTA and its insurance company have teams of lawyers who are focused exclusively on fighting injury and wrongful death claims. Their goal is to minimize the amount of any verdict or settlement. In other words, they win when the injured person gets little or nothing.

Our goal is to see that justice is done. If you have been injured in a CTA bus accident or “L” accident, we will fight to see that you are compensated fairly for all damages related to the negligent conduct of the liable parties.

To arrange a free consultation about your case, please contact an Illinois transit accident lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group by e-mail or call 312-641-9200.