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Speeding Accidents

Chicago Speeding Car Accident Lawyers

When a driver who was speeding causes an accident, there is little question about whether he or she was negligent. Speeding is the definition of negligence. Drivers who speed are in violation of city, state or federal laws meant to protect all vehicles, their occupants, pedestrians and others. Speeders put themselves above the law and put others at risk. We hold them financially accountable for their actions.

Reckless Driving Accidents

We are the Chicago speeding accident attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group. Our job is to fight for justice for those injured by the negligence, carelessness and recklessness of others. If you were injured or if a member of your family was killed by a driver who was speeding, please call us to arrange a free initial consultation about your case.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that speeding alone was a contributing factor in more than one-third of all fatal crashes in 2008 and that 11,674 lives were lost due to speeding-related crashes. The economic cost of these accidents is estimated to be $40.4 billion each year.

We are experienced Chicago car accident lawyers who will take a case to trial before a judge and jury if that is the best way to obtain full financial compensation for our client. We are passionate about our work and, frankly, we are very good at it. We have achieved significant verdicts and settlements for clients injured by speeding drivers in a variety of circumstances. For example, we represent clients who were injured by drivers being pursued by the police during a high-speed chase.

If you were injured in an accident that involved speeding, you can depend on us to seek full compensation for damages. To arrange a free consultation about your case, please contact The Horwitz Law Group by e-mail or call 312-641-9200.