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Overload Trucking Accidents

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Overload Trucking Accidents


Being involved in a collision with a truck can be devastating. When that truck is overloaded, it is more likely to be involved in an accident. Overloading a truck is when a truck carries over the maximum capacity determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Overloading a truck by stacking cargo too high is a risk because items can fall off and can hit other vehicles or cause road hazards. Having too much weight carried in the truck puts strain on the vehicle which can lead to brake failure and also reduces the ability to handle as well in an emergency situation. Overloaded trucks also cause accidents because the extra weight causes them to go faster downhill, longer stop distance, and a higher likelihood for the truck to roll over.

Serious injury occurs when trucks collide with other vehicles. Trucks can carry up to 80,000 pounds according to state and federal regulations. For comparison, 80,000 pounds is the equivalent of about 6 elephants. The damage done to both the vehicle and its passengers can be devastating and can result in death. Multiple parties may be responsible for overloading trucks. Truck drivers may do it on accident, trucking companies may do it to increase profits, or the vehicle may have defects. It is important to hire an experienced attorney that can do an investigation and hold the proper parties responsible.

Putting too much weight on a truck can cause it be become unstable, hard to maneuver and difficult to control. Moreover, as the weight of a truck goes up, the stopping distance also increases. A truck that is hard to control and difficult to stop is a danger that puts everyone else at risk.

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