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Motorcycles vs. Cars

Motorcycles vs. Cars

motorcycle versus car

There is a debate about which automobile is safer to drive, a car or a motorcycle.  Cars have seat belts, a crumple zone, and air bags.  A car, however, can provide a sense of complacency which can cause drivers to be distracted by using cell phones or eating.  Whether a vehicle is safe mostly depends on the driver.  Accidents do not have one single factor but is a result of many factors.  When on a motorcycle there is more road awareness because the driver must be focused on where he or she is going.  Driving a motorcycle also gives the driver a sense of speed due to feeling the wind blowing back.  Often times when driving a car, it is easy to lose track of how fast you are going.  It is not uncommon for you to be driving along at what you think is a reasonable speed, only to look at the speedometer and see you are going over the speed limit.  A motorcycle can lead to drivers being safer because they are aware of the dangers that arise when riding a motorcycle. 

Motorcycles do not offer any protection in an accident.  The only kind of protection offered to motorcycle riders are helmets and gear.  This does not provide the same protection air bags or seat belts can provide.  In a car, it is less likely that a driver or passenger could get thrown from the car because the seat belt will prevent that as well as the air bags.  Being in a car also provides protection through a crumple zone that keeps the passengers from being crushed from the weight and force of the other vehicle.  When a motorcycle is hit, the rider will be vulnerable to the full force of the impact.  Statistics show that the rate of motorcycle deaths have risen and declined over the years.  It is important that all drivers be fully aware of their surroundings in order to prevent accidents and keep the roads safe.  It is unfortunate that accidents occur and when they do it is important to have an experienced lawyer in your corner that can fight for you.

The injury attorneys of The Horwitz Law Group have obtained millions of dollars in financial compensation for clients who were seriously injured in auto accidents. Our goal is to help injured people obtain just compensation for the full extent of their damages. To arrange a free initial consultation, please contact our Chicago auto accident lawyers.

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