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Most Common Road Hazards in Illinois

When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you accept immense responsibility, and you face considerable risk. When you think of car accidents, your mind likely goes to the dangerous drivers out there, but there are also road hazards to consider – and Illinois sees its fair share. If a road hazard leaves you injured in a car accident, don’t wait to consult with an Illinois car accident attorney.  


Potholes can show up just about anywhere. While some roads are clearly riddled with potholes, and you navigate them more carefully, other roads are smooth sailing – until they’re not. Not only can a pothole sneak up on you, but this form of road damage is also more dangerous than you may realize. 

To begin, they can cause serious damage to your vehicle, including:

  • Damaged or ruined tires
  • Wheel damage
  • Bent axle 
  • Damaged suspension
  • Alignment issues
  • Damaged steering components

The risk does not end here, however. If you attempt to bypass the pothole or hit it just right, it can send you out of your lane, which leaves you at increased risk of being injured in a car accident. 

High Winds and Other Bad Weather

In Illinois, the wind can really blow, and when it does, it makes our roads far more dangerous. Motorists who fail to account for the negative effects of high winds, ice, rain, snow, and low visibility make our roadways far more dangerous for all who drive on them. Vehicles with tall, slim profiles, like semis and SUVs, are especially vulnerable to rollovers in high winds and other forms of bad weather, and these accidents put everyone on the road at increased risk. 

Road Construction

Road construction is what most of us think of as a necessary evil, but it can also pose a considerable risk. Motorists are responsible for following all the traffic signals and signs, and for proceeding with the utmost caution in road construction. Some road construction sites are poorly managed, littered with debris, or don’t have adequate signage, which increases the danger involved. 

Deer and Other Animals

Illinois has an exceptionally large deer population, and these animals are extremely difficult to predict. While we associate deer with rural areas, the truth is that they can show up anywhere, which makes always being on the lookout the best policy. Motorists who tailgate or speed make multi-car accidents involving deer more likely.


We share our roads with pedestrians and those who ride bikes and e-scooters, and as motorists, we are responsible for doing so safely. Following the rules of the road, being on the lookout for pedestrians in your midst, slowing down for pedestrians, and driving distraction-free can all help you share the road more safely with pedestrians. 

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