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More Drivers in the Summertime Could Mean More Car Accidents

Every summer, millions of Americans travel across the country to visit loved ones in other states and spend time outdoors. Summer tends to be the peak for traffic, and undoubtedly, your family may be among the many who are planning a getaway. Before you depart, keep in mind that more drivers on the road often means more auto accidents. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on your trip, but instead, be extra cautious while driving to your destination. 

The Horwitz Law Group supports those who have been injured in a car accident. Below, we cover a few important considerations for drivers planning a summer road trip. For specific advice, talk to our attorneys at a consultation where we can take a closer look at the situation you’re facing. 

Anticipate Distracted Drivers

You might underestimate how many distracted drivers share the road with you at any given time. Safety reports estimate that distracted driving is involved in nearly 40% of car crashes, many of which involve cellphone usage. Other studies have found that about half of all adults have admitted to occasionally using their cellphone while driving—and considering that many people will avoid admitting such behavior, the real number is likely much higher. 

Always be on the defensive when driving, and especially in the summertime when the number of distracted drivers is higher. Pay attention to your surroundings and assume that you are driving alongside people who are distracted in some way. Practice safe driving behaviors, and you can help protect yourself and your family. 

Be Aware of Out-of-State Plates

Each state has its own traffic laws as well as informal “rules” that drivers who live there are familiar with. When drivers travel across state lines in the summer, you’ll probably come across out-of-state plates while on the road. That’s not to say that out-of-state drivers are more dangerous than people who live in your state: rather, these drivers will not be familiar with the unofficial rules that you know about. Furthermore, out-of-state drivers may be distracted by their cellphone’s GPS due to being unfamiliar with the roadways. Give them space and be courteous as you share the road. 

Know Your Route

Plan the route to your destination before you leave on your trip. Familiarize yourself with the route so you can know where you should anticipate heavier traffic and find other possible routes when needed. Attempting to choose a secondary route while you’re driving isn’t just stressful but also dangerous. Preparing ahead of time lets you make it to your destination without feeling rushed, which can potentially reduce the risks of a collision. 

After an Accident, Turn to an Attorney

All of us at The Horwitz Law Group hope you and your loved ones have a safe, fun adventure this summer. If you are unfortunately injured in a car accident, we will stand up to the challenge of securing your rightful compensation. Remember to contact our office to schedule a consultation with our personal injury lawyers. 



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