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If you just bought a new motorcycle, beware!

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If you just bought a new motorcycle, beware!

Did you know that most accidents happen within the first 5 months of owning a new bike, irrespective of how long someone’s been riding? Inexperience is a factor too, but not always in the case of a new motorcycle. It takes some getting used to a new bike.


Typically, as the rider is getting to know the new bike the driver is distracted by differences in equipment or ride. Since the attention is misdirected it is easy to be lax about watching out for other drivers on the road. Riding in heavy traffic is never a good time to be distracted.

Typically, most injuries happen near the bikers’ own residence and at intersections they have driven through many times before. A quick scenario would be a vehicle makes a left turn at an intersection, which forces the motorcyclist to crash into the side of a vehicle head on, launching the rider into the air and severely injuring the rider. Drivers often turn in front of motorcycles at intersections either because they don’t see them or they are not paying attention.

The motorcyclist may suffer numerous injuries to the body such as broken bones, head injuries or even injuries severe enough to result in the loss of life. This is no time to try to determine who is legally responsible for the accident on your own. Get help!

Our law office has an experienced staff to help you fight for you legal rights when injured in a motorcycle accident. Do not try to deal with insurance company adjustors or lawyers. Focus on getting justice first.

If you or a loved one has gone through a devastating motorcycle accident, call our office as soon as possible.

Our dedicated legal professionals will look out for your best interests and take immediate steps to protect your legal rights. We know Personal Injury law and will ensure that the wounded rider will get the best medical and legal care money can buy.

Don’t delay call The Horwitz Law Group at 312-641-9200 today!

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