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How to Choose the Right Chicago Personal Injury Attorney to meet your Needs

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How to Choose the Right Chicago Personal Injury Attorney to meet your Needs


Finding the right attorney for your personal injury case is going to be a challenge.  With so many different attorneys in Chicago, how do you know who to choose?  

It requires asking specific questions and taking specific steps to determine which chicago personal injury lawyer is best for you. depending on the needs of your case.   Choosing the wrong lawyer may ultimately cost you a great deal of money, time, and frustration.  So here are some tips from The Horwitz Law Group on choosing the right lawyer for you:

1.  Pick a few different lawyers you want to work with, then look them up on google and/or yelp to see what others have to say.

2.  Do other research on the internet to see their website, their cases, and see if you get a feel for that person that will be most compatible with you.  Also, take a look at the cases they have won, and see if you find any similarity to your own personal situation.

3.  Sometimes you may need to meet with multiple lawyers to make your decision, but it’s well worth the time, especially if you truly believe you have a case.

4.  Ask friends or family members for a referral

5.  Just by visiting the lawyer’s office you should be able to get a feel for if you u will work good together. The experience of meeting your lawyer at his or her office is critical to determining whether this attorney is a good fit for you and your special case. An attorney’s office is  his or her professional home. And the rules that apply to a lawyer’s professional home are the same as those that apply to your own home. So, you should pay careful attention to what you see and hear in your lawyer’s office.

When considering who to hire, most people want an attorney that has what we call “a good bedside manner.”

Which is why we recommend scheduling an appointment with The Horwitz Law Group.  The Horwitz Law Group has a history of winning key Chicago Car Accident Cases as well as serious personal injury cases.  We work on a contingency basis and we only charge you if we win!  That means that if we do a consultation, and we feel your situation is legally viable, we will take it, and we will take it personal.

For more information about The Horwitz Law Group, Chicago Personal Injury Attorney, take a moment to look at our Google Reviews, as well as some of our Videos from our managing partner, Mark Horowitz.

To schedule your free Consultation, please contact us by calling (312) 641-9200.. or Click below to schedule your appointment online.

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